Raw Materials Have Many Uses

You can use raw materials for all types of processes. They are useful for making items and for protecting items. You can find bargain-priced, used raw materials readily for sale on eBay.

Types of raw materials

Raw materials are substances that are in their natural state before being formed into objects. The term "raw materials" is used primarily to describe material obtained from all-natural sources, but it is also often used to describe material that is combined with other natural substances into an alloy, is combined with synthetics, or is wholly synthetic.

They can be classed into these categories:

  • Animal - Animal raw materials are obtained from animals. Wool, silk, and hides are common items used as raw materials.
  • Vegetable - Raw materials produced from plants for use in manufacturing are materials like cotton, cork, wood, rubber, and linen.
  • Mineral - Minerals like marble, iron, clay, copper, silver, graphite, and aluminum are common minerals used in manufacturing items.
  • Synthetics - Many man-made materials can be formed from naturally occurring raw materials. Plastic, vinyl, paper, glass, steel, polyester, nylon, and silicone are just some of the multiple raw items in use.

Raw materials for manufacturing items

Manufacturing useful items requires a stock of raw material as the basis of production. When you acquire raw materials, they are most often in already useable states like sheets, boards, bars, and veneer and are formed into standard sizes for immediate use. These materials can be used as they are, or they can be formed into other objects.

Commonly used raw materials are:

  • Carbon fiber - Carbon fiber is a strong material that is 100% carbon and five times as strong as steel but weighs much less.
  • Graphite - Graphite is made of pure carbon.
  • Metal - Metal can be a natural element like iron or an alloy of elements, such as steel.
  • Alloy - An alloy is a combination of raw materials.
  • Plastic - Plastics are organic polymers formed of synthetic or semi-synthetic compounds that are malleable and can be molded easily.
  • Rubber  - Rubber is produced from polymers of organic isoprene and is primarily formed from latex from trees.
  • Lumber - lumber is cut wood or is formed from wood products.

Types of uses for raw materials

There are many uses for raw materials. These are some of the main industries or private uses that require raw materials:

  • Construction
  • General manufacturing
  • Metalworking
  • Crafts
  • Fireproofing
  • Automotive

Can raw materials be cut to size?

When you purchase raw materials, you can often have them cut to your specified size. Quality sheet metal, affordable plastic wraps, and new or used metal bars are some items you can have resized when you order them.