Exploring the Range: Choosing a Stove For Your Kitchen

The stove is where the chemistry of the kitchen takes place. Throughout the years, various manufacturers have produced all manner of stoves with a variety of features to help millions of households conjure up countless meals day after day. Ranges and stoves are built to last, which means you can find quality used stoves easily on eBay.

What are the main types of reliable stoves for sale?

There are three main types of eBay stoves that you can purchase:

  • Gas - In general, most gas ranges operate using either propane or natural gas. It is common for those who like cooking over open flames and works well in places and situations without electricity. You can find used gas stoves with sealed or open burners.
  • Electric - New and used electric stoves usually come with coil burners or flat-top surfaces. In general, the newer the models, the more likely they are to have a flat-top surface, which are well-known thanks to how easy they are to clean.
  • Dual - You get gas capabilities for your stove and electric for your oven with dual ranges. Many like the temperature control that electricity offers in the oven over gas, which they prefer on the stove top.
Features of new or used stoves

The following are three common features found in many new and used stoves that you'll find on eBay:

  • Convection oven - You can find some of the affordable stoves for sale with convection ovens below them. Convection ovens cook food more evenly with circulating air than standard ovens where the air sits.
  • Griddle - You can find both gas and electric stoves with griddles. Some have them permanently built-in while others have removable griddles.
  • Self-cleaning - Many of the models come with self-cleaning ovens. They are the perfect option for those who don't like scrubbing.
What condition is a used oven for sale generally in?

Ovens for sale on eBay come in three main conditions:

  • New - You can find a large selection of brand-new ovens for sale with updated features.
  • Used - Used models for sale can date back decades and still function. Collectors love to restore the older models. You can also find like-new models with very little wear for a fraction of the cost.
  • Refurbished - Refurbished stoves are units that had a defect that was later corrected, usually by the manufacturer.