Rambo collectibles are treasured among many. Sylvester Stallone is the star of the action film and is well-known for his role as John Rambo. The character continued to gain popularity in the sequels that followed. A complete collector's set of memorabilia for the Rambo character is available for admirers of the films. The film series tells the story of a Vietnam veteran in a small town. Stallone stars as a fighter with war-torn emotions from Afghan that come to life on-screen. 

What is Rambo Based On?

John Rambo is the leading character in the movie. He is a decorated war vet that has his own share of troubles. His character carries a rainbow of emotions. His primary objective in the film is to protect friends from trouble. The fight techniques used in the series were influenced by anti-guerrilla warfare tactics. Neglected as a child and scorned by scenes of war, he wanted to live in peace. Life post-Vietnam was all but peaceful. Being forced to fight and kill others for survival left him miserable and lonely in the end. 

What Rambo Movies are Available?

Rambo action movies are most known for their high energy and real-life references. The addition of characters, such as Trautman, played by Richard Crenna and the small town sheriff, Sheriff Teasle, increase the excitement. The first film sets the standard for the movies that followed. The sequel is available on DVD or Blu-ray. The series of the film consist of the following titles:

  • First Blood
  • First Blood Part II
  • Rambo III
  • Rambo IV

What Weapons Did Rambo Use?

The Vietnam vet was a skilled fighter. He used specialized techniques in each of the Rambo films. His helicopter fight scene with a Soviet soldier was a clear display of his skills and talent. The Beret used his bare hands and distinct weapons for survival. Stallone joined forces with Mujahideen fighters in the series. His Vietnam War experience equipped him to use his knowledge in post-Vietnam scenarios. The following weapons could be seen during the movies or simulated in use on the video games:

  • First blood survival knife
  • Rambo II knife
  • Rambo survival knives
  • Explosive arrowheads
  • Compound bow
  • Mi-24

What Rambo Collector's Items are Available

There are several items available to add to a famed Rambo collection. The final battle level of the video game makes it one of the most popular of the collection. A mercenary with Mujahideen battle skills brings excitement to any game or film. Rambocollector'ss items are sought for keepsakes, gifts or toys. Here are a few of the most common collectibles:

  • Green Beret action figure
  • Vintage weapons accessories
  • First Blood miniature knife
  • DVD series
  • First Blood Part II action figure
  • Carolco Sylvester Stallone action figure