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Ride Around Your Neighborhood on a Vintage Raleigh Bike

Raleigh Cycling Company first opened in 1887, and the company built over 23 models of Raleigh bikes over the next decade. The company was soon responsible for developing many innovations that you can find on vintage Raleigh bikes, including different speeds, tubular fork crowns, back-pedaling brakes, and lugless racing forms. You can find many vintage Raleigh bicycles on eBay.

Choices in three-speed affordable Raleigh vintage bikes

See the manufacturer site for details on sizing for these different categories of three-speed vintage Raleigh bikes.

  • Roadsters: Designed for frequent riding, these old Raleigh bikes have a long wheelbase, crank, and gear case. Vintage roadster bikes have a 68-degree or less frame angle and 28-inch wheels.
  • Sport bikes: These vintage Raleigh bikes were designed for people to ride to work. They feature 26-inch wheels, a cable brake system, and full steel fenders. These bikes have a 72-degree frame angle.
  • Club bikes: Designed for racers, these 26-inch bikes have seats without springs, a strong tubing frame, and rat-trap pedals with toe clips.
Did Raleigh Bike Company make children's muscle bikes?

Yes, there are used children's muscle bikes called Choppers in the vintage Raleigh bike lineup. These three-speed bikes have long, padded seats. Choppers also have 16-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels. They came equipped with high-rise handlebars that were often referred to as ape hangers. When you are shopping for vintage Raleigh bikes for sale, you are likely to see many different models, including:

  • MK1: Introduced to the public in 1969, this bike was designed to look like a motorcycle and has a wide rear tire with special tread.
  • Glider Fastback 100: Sold in Canada under the Eaton's brand, these Raleigh international bikes are very similar to the MK1.
  • MK2: This bike introduced in 1972 is taller than the MK1 and has a T-bar-style shifter and a rear rack. Designers also moved the seat slightly forward.
  • The Sprint: This model is very similar to the MK2 but a little taller. It has drop handlebars.
  • The Rodeo: This was the first children's Chopper, but it was not a successful bike for the company. Since few were sold, it can be one of the hardest bikes for Raleigh vintage bike collectors to find.
Specifications of the Raleigh Professional

The Raleigh Professional was first introduced in 1969, and it was the top production bike throughout the 1970s. Builders used Reynolds 531 frames on these bikes. Early models had double-butted tubes, while those made after 1973 had only butted tubes. Campagnolo brakes, crankshaft, pedals, seat posts, and derailleurs were used on these bikes.

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