Raikes Teddy Bear Buying Guide

In the 1980s, teddy bears were extremely popular among small boys and girls. While many of these bears were plush and designed for everyday play, Robert Raikes saw an opportunity to create something different and collectible. If you are looking for new in the box, vintage, or preowned Raikes teddy bears, you can find affordable singles and lots on eBay.

Are all Raikes teddy bears the same size?

Raikes teddy bears are offered in a variety of sizes from 11 inches to 35 inches tall. Some of the smallest teddy bears are toy size, and the largest bears can stand on their own. It is important to know how tall the Raikes bear is when purchasing a stand for it to be displayed on.

Are all Raikes teddy bears handmade?

Yes, the first Raikes teddy bear ever created was made by hand. The artist responsible for these wood carved bears was Robert Raikes. The early bears were made with wood carved and decorated faces as well as cloth bodies filled with sawdust. Later, the bears were made by a company, Applause. Raikes eventually bought back the rights to the wooden bears and began to create more sophisticated handmade Robert Raikes bears.

How many bears did Robert Raikes create?

Robert Raikes began creating wood carved teddy bears in the 1980s. For the next two decades, the artist created unique teddy bears made of mohair with faces carved out of maple wood. The bears are no longer created and hard to find because only a small number of each model was created. There are many different-sized bears in the Raikes collection, which makes it difficult to determine how many are available, but it is believed there are at least 86 teddy bear characters.

Some examples of Raikes teddy bear characters

One of the Raikes bears collectible aspects is the wide range of characters available. The character bears are traditional teddy bears with wood faces wearing costumes or using accessories. Some examples of teddy bear characters include:

  • Rebecca or Calvin Easter bunny bear.
  • Dolly bear with included rocking horse.
  • Jacob or Katie Quaker/Amish bear.
  • Birthstone bears (12 different ones).
  • Olaff Court Jester bear.
Do Raikes collectible teddy bears come with certificates of authentication?

When originally sold, each Raikes teddy bear was sold with a certificate of authentication. The certificate of authentication includes the name of the bear, date of release, product details, and specifications. Bears sold in the original, unopened box should have a certificate of authentication. If buying an opened box, preowned teddy bear, or vintage bear, it is important to know whether or not the certificate is included with purchase.

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