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How to Select RadioShack Headphones

Headphones have many purposes. They allow you to listen to music or watch media privately without a speaker, and they block out background noise, so you can do these activities without interruption. RadioShack offers a variety of headphone types and designs to meet every need.

What Are Some Types of Headphones?

Most people have a personal preference when it comes to headphone type, as some people may enjoy the feel of traditional on-ear headphones, while others enjoy the portability and convenience of in-ear headphones.

  • The most classic type of headphones is on-ear designs. This type of headphone is connected to a headband that fits over your head, with ear cups that cover the entire ear. RadioShack offers wired and wireless versions of this traditional headphone design. 
  • Earbuds are small, lightweight headphones that fit inside your ear. These are less bulky than classic designs are, and they offer exceptional sound and many convenient features. 
  • Sports earbuds are designed for active use. Most have clips that fit the earbuds onto your ear, so they won't fall off as you jog or work out. They're also designed to withstand the elements if you use them outdoors.

What Features Do Headphones Have?

Almost every type of earphones has features that make them even more appealing to use. After you select the style you like the most, consider which features are the most important to you before settling on a pair.

  • Some earbuds come with an inline mic. This means that you can click a button and take a phone call as you listen to music on your smartphone, so you'll never miss an important call even if you're watching a video or listening to your library.
  • Noise-canceling models help to prevent background noise from interfering with your media. 
  • Wireless earphones with a rechargeable battery mean that you don't have to worry about cords or deal with cables as you go about your day enjoying your tunes. You can sync your headset to your phone or another device via Bluetooth so that you can use them wirelessly.

What Are Some Models of Headphones?

RadioShack offers a complete line of sport, on-ear, and in-ear earphones to choose from in a range of colors and styles. Some of its earphone models boast a wide range of features from which to select.

  • The Ncredible1 wireless Bluetooth model works with either iOS or Android devices for wireless capabilities. This black model offers a built-in mic and fits over your ear. A built-in, rechargeable battery also gives you 15 hours of time between charges.
  • Ncredible Bluetooth sport earbuds in black are water-resistant and rechargeable. They come with three sets of ear tips as well as ear hooks for added convenience.
  • Lightweight colored in-ear buds come in shades like blue and white and let you customize the fit as you desire. Their silicone tips fit comfortably and allow you to select from three sizes.

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