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Nissan Pathfinder Radiators and Parts

The Nissan Pathfinder radiator and parts are designed to remove the heat from the coolant in the engine. This process helps prevent the motor from overheating.

What are the different Nissan Pathfinder radiator parts?

Some of the parts offered for the Nissan Pathfinder radiator include the coolant bottle, overflow tank, and complete units, with most of the materials under the cover being comprised of either aluminum or plastic. Radiator caps, hoses, and fan motors are also offered for the Nissan Pathfinder.

What brands offer these accessories?

Nissan Pathfinder parts are offered as genuine OEM or aftermarket branded. Some of the brands that cover Nissan Pathfinder parts for this unit are Dorman, Gates, MotoRad, and Denso. Spectra Premium, Stant, and WD Express also offer parts for the Pathfinder.

How do Nissan Pathfinders radiators work?

The radiator helps prevent damage to the Pathfinder motor by removing some of the heat it generates. First, the coolant absorbs the heat as it circulates through the motor. Then the water pump pushes coolant into the unit so it can be cooled down before returning to the engine to absorb more heat.

At faster speeds, the wind rushing through the unit also helps cool down the Nissan motor as well. At a standstill or in heavy traffic, the cooling fan sends air into the unit. If you continue driving with radiator-related problems, you may lose coolant or the engine could overheat, causing the head gasket to fail or the motor to seize up.

When do these parts need to be replaced?

The driving conditions and model of the Nissan impact how long these parts typically last, although most units need to be replaced after 80,000 miles. The continuous cooling and heating cycles inside the Nissan Pathfinder unit will eventually cause the plastic seals and end-tanks to degrade over time.

How do you diagnose these parts?

In order to properly diagnose these parts, you'll need to remove the cover and get an intimate view of the entire Pathfinder cooling system. Some of the Nissan parts that need to be checked include the thermostat, cooling fans, heater hoses, and water pump. The Pathfinder hoses should also be checked for any leakage in case they need to be replaced. Specifically, if the hoses in the Nissan are soaked in oil or feel brittle, they should be replaced.

Also, if the Nissan motor has been overheating, it should be checked for signs of damage. Some of the plastic parts beneath the cover, including thermostat and intake manifolds, may become warped over time from the Nissan motor overheating. Additionally, the head gasket on the Nissan motor should also be checked for leakage.