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Radiators and Parts for Mitsubishi Galant

The radiator and its many parts may need to be replaced after an accident or when there is normal wear and tear after years of use. You need to rely on quality parts for your car. Learning about the parts you need will ensure that the replacement is handled properly.

What does the radiator do?

The radiator and the various components are responsible for making sure that the engine does not overheat. Coolant will travel in and around the engine in order to cool it down. The fluid goes back into the radiator in order to cool it down prior to flowing through the system once again.

What are some of the parts of the cooling system?

There are several different parts involved in the cooling system. Each plays a vital role in its own way. You will want to diagnose the problem to determine which parts have to be replaced.

  • Coolant bottle: Responsible for holding the coolant
  • Fan shroud: Protects the fan assembly
  • Radiator cap: Maintains pressure in the radiator
  • Hose: The hoses that the coolant travels through
How are radiator parts replaced?

In order to replace radiator parts, you will need to turn off the engine and let it cool. From there, you will want to open the hood and disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Locate the radiator and unplug the various components that need to be replaced. You can then install the new parts and reverse the steps in order to get everything back up and running properly.

Does the model year of the Mitsubishi matter?

The Mitsubishi Galant design has changed over the years. The model year needs to be identified in order to purchase parts that will fit properly. Failure to buy the right model year may result in the part not fitting properly. In some instances, a part may maintain the same size and shape over several years.

What does OEM mean?

OEM is the identification given to parts that are made specifically for the manufacturer. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts would be the same ones as what was put in at the factory. You can also choose aftermarket parts, which encompass all brands that make parts that are not specifically for the manufacturer. Whether you buy OEM or aftermarket parts, if they are identified to fit a Mitsubishi Galant, they should fit.

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