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Jaguar S-Type Radiators and Parts

Keeping your car engine temperatures under control provides a raft of benefits, including improved motor-function and added durability. You can start enjoying these perks by using the right Jaguar S-Type cooling system replacement and upgrade parts.

Which Jaguar S-Type cooling system components may you need?

The Jaguar S-Type cooling system includes a number of components that work to keep your motor at consistent temperatures. While these Jaguar S-Type parts eventually succumb to the effects of time, regular monitoring of these pieces often allows you to get out in front of any issues. When keeping an eye on your cooling system, you should pay special attention to the following devices.

  • Thermostat - This S-Type component keeps an eye on the ongoing temperatures of the coolant. When the liquid gets too hot, the thermostat allows hot coolant through to the radiator for cooling. When the antifreeze or coolant is too cool, the thermostat closes to promote coolant temperature rise. Impaired thermostats may not regulate temperatures and often lead to more serious issues. Thus, if you notice unusual temperature fluctuations during your travels you should prioritize a thermostat inspection.
  • Radiator - The main cooling body of the system, the radiator conducts volumes of hot coolant through networks of tubes and vanes. Tube orientations are usually either horizontal or vertical, and the tubes themselves come in various widths. Fin designers include louvered and non-louvered.
  • Louvered fins - This includes small channels designed to better conduct air over the vanes.
  • Non-louvered fin - The designs lack these holes but are much smaller individually.
  • Water pump - Keeping the coolant flowing is key to the temperature control process, and the water pump shoulders this task. Water pumps have various power sources, including direct belt or pulley-driven connections. An improperly working water pump is cause for a quick inspection.
  • Hosing - The hoses are the veins and arteries of your model Jaguar engine-cooling system. Specially designed to carry hot liquid without weakening, these hoses also come in an assortment of sizes based on their functions. Like other parts of the system, your hoses require regular monitoring. If you notice bulges, swelling, leaks, or other unusual symptoms, waste no time getting replacement parts.
Is maintaining a clear cooling system cap important?

Among other things, the S-Type cooling system cap regulates coolant pressure. It does so by releasing excess coolant when necessary. These caps often don't work correctly to release the coolant, resulting in potential engine effects from overheating. Cleaning and inspecting the cap - and replacing it when the time comes - are good ways to avoid preventable issues with your car.