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Honda Odyssey Radiators Parts

Keep your Honda Odyssey motor young with a competent radiator system. The radiator core and its peripheral devices keep your Odyssey motor moving from moment to moment. They can keep it going for the long haul if you give them periodic inspections and occasional TLC.

What are some Honda Odyssey radiator parts?

There are quite a few different Honda Odyssey parts, but knowing what they are will help you quickly find the replacement or upgrade parts that you require. They range in size from small to large, but each piece has an important job to do. Some of the replacement and upgrade parts you are likely to need include:

  • Radiator cores: These parts are the heart of your Honda's radiator system. They use various sturdy and durable metals in their construction and include many variables between models. For example, some designs use vertical flow patterns and upper and lower accumulator tanks, while other designs use horizontal flow patterns and side-mounted tanks.
  • Vent caps: These are small and hard to see, but your engine could not work properly without one. The vent cap maintains a seal on the system while also acting as a safety valve if pressures get too high.
  • Inlet and outlet tanks: As the fluid moves from the motor to the core, it needs a place to accumulate. The inlet and outlet tanks provide this accumulation area, and they also keep the system pressurized and leak free. They come in various designs and materials, with metal and composites popular choices. Metal inlet and outlet tanks may be welded to the cores they serve, while plastic or composite tanks usually have special O-ring gaskets between the core and the tanks.
  • Inlet and outlet hoses: These deliver hot coolant to the inlet tanks and deliver the cooler liquid back to the motor through the outlet hose. Inlet and outlet hoses can be molded or flexible. Molded designs are fixed in place, and fit specific vehicles and radiators. Flexible pipes are bendable yet sturdy, and you can use them on more than one type of car. When you replace or upgrade your hoses make sure that the replacement meets the same pressure and heat tolerance specifications.
  • Fans: Your Honda Odyssey radiator fans help to keep your motor cool during hot weather, or when it is at rest. Fans get their power from belts or electric motors, and they also use various materials for blades. For example, flex blades use special polymers that flex and return depending on blade speed. No matter which fan type you choose, always be sure that your fan shroud and the prospective replacement blades mesh properly.
What are the benefits of the various core metals?

Your Honda Odyssey radiator core forms the heart of the cooling system. Radiator cores come in many different designs, but a relatively small number of metals see use in their construction. The three main metals used in cores include aluminum, copper, and brass. Brass is dense and strong, but also heavy. Copper is lighter than brass. Aluminum is both light and relatively strong. These features make it a favorite choice of radiator designers and consumers.