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How to Select Ford Mustang Radiators and Parts

You love cruising in your Ford Mustang, but one day you're just riding along like always and your car starts to get hot; really, really hot. This could be a symptom that it's time to look under the hood and see what's happening with your Mustang's radiator and its related parts.

What Are Some Radiator Parts That May Require Replacement?

Your radiator has a basic but important job: It keeps your car cool. It also works in tandem with other parts to ensure that this happens, because otherwise, damage can occur that could be costly to fix. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by keeping an eye on your car's radiator and other parts.

  • The radiator fan condenser cooling assembly is essentially the radiator's fan. This important part of your Ford keeps air flowing through the radiator, and sometimes, it can burn out via the motor. When that happens, it will need to be replaced.
  • The overflow tank is the part of the radiator that works along with the cap to minimize the risk of losing coolant. It keeps the coolant from overflowing, so there's just the right amount to keep the engine cool.
  • The pressure cap helps to keep the pressure of the cooling system at the proper point. If this part malfunctions, pressure could be released, and the engine won't cool as quickly.

How Do You Know When Radiator Parts Are Failing?

Since these parts are necessary for keeping your Ford Mustang cooler on a hot day, it's important to know when they're working properly and when they're not. If you notice some specific symptoms, it's time to replace your Ford Mustang radiator or one or more of its associated parts.

  • When you pull out of your driveway or out of a parking spot and see fluid underneath where your car was, that could be coolant leaking out. This a sign that you might need a new radiator since the existing one could be cracked.
  • A Mustang that overheats is not a happy one. When your Ford overheats, this causes the engine to become hot, and your Ford Mustang simply will break down. Fixing this sooner rather than later is recommended since leaving the issue could result in a higher-priced repair.
  • You should also check your Mustang's dashboard lights. If your coolant light comes on, or you frequently have to add coolant to your vehicle, this means there's an issue with your Ford Mustang's cooling system.

Which Brands Manufacture Radiator Parts for Your Mustang?

After you determine which replacement parts you require, it's time to select a brand, as many manufacturers create parts for your Ford Mustang's cooling system.

  • Champion creates radiators as well as other parts for your system that fit many Mustang model years.
  • Look into ACDelco parts, including caps and hoses, for your Ford Mustang.
  • Spectra Premium offers a variety of vehicle parts made of materials including aluminum and plastic that fit a variety of model years.

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