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Ford F-250 Radiators and Parts

Radiators are an essential aspect of trucks and cars, yet not all radiators are made equal. Only radiators specifically designed standard for the Ford F-250 will serve the important cooling function necessary for effective vehicle operation. You can find the radiator that’s suitable for your truck and that meets your needs.

What do radiators do in an F-250?

Despite the fact that radiators by definition create heat, a radiator in a truck actually serves the vital purpose of cooling your Ford’s components. Coolant is first pumped into the cylinder block where it is allowed to heat. A thermostat determines when the coolant should be moved out of the engine, at which point it enters the radiator and spreads through small tubes into the radiator fins where the heat dissipates. The coolant is then recirculated back into the cylinder block to absorb heat once more. This process is continually repeated as long as the vehicle is in operation.

How do you replace the coolant reservoir in an F-250?

The coolant tank is one of the more commonly replaced and upgraded parts in a radiator. This vital piece holds coolant when your Ford is off and when circulating coolant through the radiator as your car is running. Replacing your coolant reservoir is a simple process requiring basic shop tools and accessories:

  • Open the hood and remove the bolts securing the reservoir to the radiator.
  • Carefully remove the two hoses on top of the coolant reservoir.
  • After placing a bucket under the radiator, remove the bottom coolant hose, and drain the coolant reservoir.
  • Remove the rear clip from the coolant reservoir, and remove the reservoir from the radiator after it has fully drained.
  • Finally, clean the area, and fit the new reservoir by reconnecting the clip and hoses to complete installation.
What type of coolant is used in F-250 radiators?

Vehicle radiators make use of a special kind of coolant, also called antifreeze, to circulate heat out of the cylinder block. While many types of antifreeze are at least partially comprised of water, using pure water as coolant is not a suitable choice by Ford owners.

How do you install a radiator in a Ford F-250?

Installing a new radiator in your Ford F-250 is a task using basic shop tools. Replacing this part will require working in tight spaces and will entail the removal of multiple components. Follow these simple steps to ensure that you get everything you want out of your replacement radiator:

  • Fully drain the coolant from the radiator, and remove the radiator hose by releasing the hose clamp with Channellock pliers.
  • Loosen the upper radiator shroud. Then, remove the engine fan by loosening the neck of the fan from the water pump pulley.
  • Remove the old radiator by removing the radiator hold-downs and lifting the radiator out of the housing. Disconnect the transmission lines for automatic models.
  • Finally, install the new radiator, and fill it with coolant. Coolant levels may lower as the truck runs.