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How to Select Radiator Parts for an Eagle Talon

Just like any other vehicle part, your radiator requires maintenance to keep your car running smoothly. Over time, this engine component may even require replacement, so knowing a bit more about what this part and other components of this system do can help you to keep tabs on your Eagle Talon's radiator and cooling system so you know when your auto needs work. After all, a well-maintained part can increase the overall performance of your Talon.

What Does Your Car's Radiator Do?

You may have an overall idea of how your car's parts work, but perhaps you aren't familiar with specific details about the radiator itself; however, this part is essential for keeping your car cool and preventing your vehicle from overheating. There are some specific tasks for which this crucial part is responsible.

  • When your car's engine gets hot, that's when your Eagle Talon radiator comes into play. It diverts the heat from the engine and cools it, and then sends it back to the engine. Essentially, it's transferring heat from one part to another very quickly.
  • There is a tank in your radiator's interior. These tanks hold transmission cooler, and this coolant is what helps to keep your engine from overheating.
  • A water pump may be responsible for circulating the coolant, which is either made from oil or water, depending on the type of coolant.

What Are Some Other Nearby Components?

Though the radiator itself is responsible for most of the heavy lifting when it comes to cooling your Talon, there are other parts that work to keep everything flowing as it should. 

  • The radiator cap works like a valve. When the engine gets hot, pressure builds up, and the cap helps to release the pressure to ensure the cooling fluid can get to the tank to divert the heat and begin the cycle over again.
  • You'll need a radiator hose to transport the coolant to and from the radiator. These pieces work as connectors keeping all the components operating as they should.
  • The thermostat fits as a crucial piece of the cooling puzzle. This piece works to ensure that the coolant remains at a specific temperature setting. 

How Do You Know When to Replace or Repair Your Radiator?

You don't have to be a mechanic to know when something just isn't right with your Talon, as there are a few signs and symptoms that it may be time to think about getting a new radiator or replacing other components in or around it.

  • As you pull out of your driveway, you might notice a puddle underneath where your ride was, which is leaking fluid. This is a sign that could mean there's a crack in the radiator.
  • Your dashboard lights up. When your lights start coming on to signal a problem, this may be a place to start.
  • An automobile that consistently overheats is almost certainly having a problem with the cooling system.

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