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Dodge Stratus Radiators and Parts

There are a lot of important components of the cooling system of your Dodge Stratus. All are designed to prevent your engine from overheating. Understanding more about the parts will allow you to get what you need.

What are the components of the cooling system?

There are several Dodge Stratus parts involved with the cooling system to be aware of.

  • Hoses: These are responsible for transferring the filter fluid to the various components.
  • Fan assembly: This part helps bring the temperature of the fluid down.
  • Mount: This is responsible for holding the majority of the components in place.
  • Radiator cap: This helps pressurize the unit.
  • Reservoir bottle: This is the container that holds the fluid.
What does a radiator do for your Stratus sedan?

This part is the main component of the cooling system in your Dodge Stratus. It will cool the fluid down so that when it cycles through the engine again, it is considerably cooler. Without this part, hot fluid would cycle through, causing the engine to overheat. This could lead to considerable damage to the engine and various other areas.

How do you replace parts in the cooling system?

Replacing any of the components of the cooling system involves opening up the hood to your Dodge Stratus and identifying the location of the parts. From there, you should unclamp hoses as necessary. Once you identify the part that has to be replaced, carefully remove it. You will then want to be sure to clamp hoses and tighten bolts without overdoing it as you don't want to crack a cap or any other part.

How do you add coolant?

Adding fluid to your cooling system is necessary from time to time. You should always add the same as what's already in your Dodge Stratus. Avoid adding water as it thins out the coolant and reduces the protection against corrosion. The fluid is added from under the hood. You will want to loosen the hose clamps and then add it to the reservoir. Be sure that the engine is cool before you do anything.

What are OEM genuine parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you see OEM, it is a Dodge genuine part that was made specifically to be branded by the car manufacturer. It is what's used by dealerships and at the factory. An OEM part will fit your Dodge Stratus sedan or coupe. The alternative is aftermarket brands, which encompass all others on the market.