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Radiators and Parts for Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge Ram 2500 radiators are manufactured with the power to handle off-road and rough terrain. It is recommended that replacement radiator parts are crafted by Dodge to guarantee enhanced performance and dependability.

What is the function of the Dodge radiator system?

Dodge radiator components are created with the finest quality and expertise, and replacements should adhere to similar levels of quality. The radiator system is fit behind the vehicle's front grille and is a vital part of the cooling system. The cooler assists in reducing the amount of heat surrounding the engine by maintaining the coolant at low temperatures. The cooling system inhibits damage caused heat and improves the efficiency of the engine.

What parts make up a radiator?

Components of a radiator include the following:

  • Radiator caps
  • Radiator fans
  • Water pumps
  • Expansion and overflow tanks
  • Hoses and clamps
  • Thermostats
  • Cooling system relays, sensors, and switches
What is the function of the radiator core?

The radiator core is cast out of compressed aluminum tubes reinforced with aluminum strips zigzagging between the tubes. The aluminum fins convey heat through the tubes into the air stream outside and away from the car. A plastic tank is placed at each end of the core to cover the edges of the cooler. Tubes run parallel to the plastic tanks placed on either side. Other designs have tubes running perpendicular to the plastic tanks placed on the sides.

The core can also be cast out of copper and the tanks cast from brass. Coolers whose end caps are cast from plastic have gaskets between the core and the tanks to completely seal the cooling system and keep the coolant from leaking out. For the brass and copper-radiators, the tanks are welded together to seal the system.

How do radiator hoses and tanks work?

The tanks are connected to two large hoses: one mounted on top of the cooler to allow the coolant to flow in and the other at the bottom of the other tank to allow the coolant to flow out. There is an additional opening at the top of the cooling system covered by the radiator cap. Automatic transmission means that the vehicle is installed with an additional tank inside one of the two primary tanks. Fittings are used to connect the inner tank via steel tubes to the vehicle's automatic transmission system. Transmission fluid is passed through the secondary tank, where it is cooled by the fluid inside the primary tank before flowing back to the transmission.

What is a radiator fan?

Radiator fans are installed at the rear side of the cooling system and positioned close to the engine. These electric fans are protected inside a casing. They are always working to keep the air flowing through the cooler, regardless of whether the car is in motion or standing still.