Your Guide to Buying a Large Rabbit Hutch

Housing pet or domestic rabbits is easy to do when you have a large rabbit hutch. Hutches can be used indoors or outdoors, and accessories can be added to personalize the space to meet unique needs. You can find several rabbit hutch styles and designs at eBay at affordable prices.

Can rabbits live in a large hutch during the winter?

Rabbits can live in a large hutch outside during the winter if proper care has been taken to insulate the hutch. Rabbits do especially well in moderately cold temperatures if their shelter provides warmth and keeps the animals dry. Rabbits living in a hutch can even withstand freezing temperatures if the animals aren't exposed to excessive wind and are kept dry.

Is a rabbit hutch a cage?

A rabbit hutch is a wood or wire mesh cage used to keep pets or domestic rabbits. The hutch can be kept outside, in a building, or even apartment. A rabbit cage is usually smaller than a rabbit hutch and made entirely of metal wire or mesh. A large rabbit hutch may allow for more than one rabbit to live in the area while a cage may only allow for one pet to live in the area at a time. Hutches can be made of:

  • Metal frame with wire mesh
  • Wood frame with wire mesh
  • Plastic frame with wire mesh
Can a run be attached to a rabbit hutch?

It is possible to buy a large rabbit hutch with an attached run. The run allows the bunnies an area to enjoy green spaces and nibble on grass. It also helps protect the animals from predators such as coyotes. The hutch can be attached to the run area, so it allows the bunny to have a place to sleep, eat, and avoid inclement weather. For safety reasons, a rabbit run area should be entirely closed in with fencing. It's especially important for the rabbit run to have a top on the cage area where rabbits run.

How much space does a rabbit need to be healthy?

To allow a bunny enough room to be happy and healthy, it will need enough room to run around, stand up fully, and have a designated place to sleep. Most experts recommend each bunny in a rabbit hutch have at least 32 square feet to themselves to enjoy. If multiple rabbits are kept in the same hutch, each rabbit should have at least 32 square feet each to themselves.