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RVCA Men's T-Shirts

Many men wear T-shirts as a part of their daily wardrobe. Often paired with jeans, shorts, or swimming trunks, T-shirts are classic garments that can express personal style and aesthetic. Those from RVCA range from simple styles to some with intricate designs, including RVCA's Platform line, which releases limited edition printed T-shirts every month.

What materials does RVCA use to make T-shirts?

RVCA T-shirts are made from a variety of materials depending on which line the shirt is from.

  • Standard T-Shirts: These are fabricated from 100% combed cotton.
  • Vintage Dye T-Shirts: These RVCA shirts are made with a cotton and polyester blend.
  • Vintage Wash T-Shirts: The company's vintage wash shirts are made with 100% cotton.
  • Triblend T-Shirt: These RVCA T-shirts mix three fabrics: cotton, polyester, and rayon.
What styles and sleeve lengths do RVCA T-shirts come in?

RVCA makes T-shirts with both short and long sleeves. In addition, fitted sleeves are available as well as sleeveless tanks in varying designs.

  • Long Sleeve: These styles come in polos, raglans, hooded pullovers, and classic T-shirts.
  • Short Sleeve: T-shirts with shorter sleeves are available as classic T-shirts, vintage dye and vintage wash tees, and pocket tees.
What colors are RVCA T-shirts available in?

T-shirts from RVCA come in a variety of colors and designs to suit your personal clothing style and design preferences. Color choices include white, black, blue, green, and red. Some shirts are striped. Many have multiple colors, with black or white logos, red stitching, or multi-colored artwork on the front, back, or sleeves of the garment. Some designs are available in more than one color.

What are the RVCA "red stitch" T-shirts?

Some T-shirts from RVCA have red stitching across the shoulders. These signature "red stitch" shirts from the premium vintage wash and vintage dye T-shirt lines recall the original days of RVCA when the company made all its shirts with the trademarked bright stitching.

What are the RVCA “ANP” shirts?

As part of its mission to celebrate art and culture, RVCA's Artist Network Program, also known as ANP, was developed. Artwork selected as part of this program is featured on many shirts and other clothing items as a way to highlight the work of both artists that were well-known and previously unknown. Artists have also been highlighted in video and in short biographies, which were made available on RVCA's website. Images of the artists and their works were also included.

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