Purchasing Replacement Trailer and Camper Windows on eBay

Whether your RV, camper, or trailer needs a new window or you're restoring an older one to like-new condition, eBay is a great place to find replacement windows. By shopping carefully for the size and glass type you need, you're sure to find something that fits. Here's how to find the windows you need.

What type of glass do you need?

Usually when you're buying affordable trailer and camper window replacements, you'll want a glass type that matches the rest of your vehicle. These are some of the glass types you'll see on eBay:

  • Obscure glass: Much like many bathroom windows, this glass is clear but it has been acid-etched or sandblasted to let light in. If you want your vehicle to look as pristine as possible, check to see that the glass has been obscured in the same way that the rest of the glass has been.
  • Tinted glass: Instead of having the glass obscured, tinted glass has a dark film to make it harder to see inside.
  • Clear: This is regular, clear window glass. It isn't often seen on many vehicles, but you'll still be able to find it.
  • Sliding: Sliding windows can have any type of finish, but they allow you to open windows if you'd like.
Ensuring the right size

Since many trailer and camper windows are of similar sizes, it's very likely that you'll be able to find the right size. However, to get the exact fit, compare the listing measurements to these measurements from your window opening (not the removed or broken window):

  • Rough window opening: This will help you choose the right window dimensions.
  • Sidewall thickness: This helps you purchase a window that is just the right thickness for your vehicle.
  • Corner radius: Since most of these windows have rounded corners, they are also measured by the radius of this corner.
Making sure you have the right mounting supplies

When shopping for new and used camper and RV replacement windows on eBay, you can also purchase the necessary mounting supplies. Since many listings include these, be sure to look for them on eBay:

  • Frame: Most window listings ship with the needed frame.
  • Trim ring: Be sure to check that the trim ring matches the trim on the rest of your vehicle.
  • Butyl putty tape: This tape acts as a weather sealant. It's a must if you want to ensure that the interior of the vehicle doesn't suffer water damage.
  • Screws: Many, but not all, listings include the screws needed to mount the window.