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RV, Trailer & Camper Exterior Lights

Whether you are camping in a travel trailer, RV, or motorhome, you can create a home away from home. RV lighting allows you to do just that as there are a number of options made especially for RVs. Here are frequently asked questions about lighting the exterior of your camper vehicle using LED bulbs:

Why replace standard bulbs with LED alternatives with RVs?

  • A 12W LED bulb offers 25,000 hours of use and the same volume of light as an incandecent bulb.
  • LED alternatives exist for almost any exterior light hookup configuration.
  • The low voltage of LEDs allow for additional light sources in unwired locations as they can be hooked to weatherproof battery packs.

What kind of LED exterior lights are appropriate for RVs and camping?

Depending on whether you're all about roughing it or glamping, there are a number of different LED choices to consider:

  • String Lights: These lights have long been a festive option to string beneath an awning. They can be shaped as classic circles or Christmas bulbs or more unique shapes like stars, chili peppers, and pink flamingoes. Use these lights to create an ambiance in an outdoor kitchen or just to add a bit of personality to your RV. These lights can be hooked to battery packs and connected to one another to maximize utility.
  • Motion-Sensing Lights: Motion sensing lights give you the opportunity for added security late at night. If you are in a campground where you are using outdoor facilities across a campground, they can also help you to safely traverse uneven ground at night.
  • Headlights: There are a number of RV headlight options that come with LED bulbs. These are bright, long-lasting headlights that don't draw much current.
  • Step and Handrail Lighting: Safety lighting to illuminate dark steps and handrails can be a great way to add flair and safety at the same time to your motorhome or RV. You can choose either a wired or a battery-powered lighting kit.
  • Work Lights: Portable work lights are great both day and night to help you to see clearly during a repair or maintenance job on your machine. You can choose to add built-in undercarriage lights near areas you regularly access, like the propane holders, jacks, and hookup ports. You can also choose large, portable work lights that illuminate a large area for emergencies. Finally, small, directed lights attached to magnets or clamps with flexible stalks allow you to finally have that third hand to position a flashlight inside your engine.
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