RV, Trailer & Camper Awnings

If you love camping, you might be thinking of getting a recreational vehicle such as a trailer or camper. There are a lot of parts and accessories that go into making these RVs ready for human habitation. You don't just need to be concerned about the interior of your RV; you also need to pay attention to the exterior parts that the RV will need.

What are the parts of an RV awning?

The biggest part of the RV awning is the fabric. This material comes in all colors and patterns, such as plaid, floral, or striped. It is the part that keeps the patio shaded so you can still spend time outdoors, but out of the sun. It also protects from light rain. These are some of the other parts of an RV awning setup:

  • Awning rail: This part gets screwed into or otherwise attached to the trailer itself.
  • Awning arms: These extend out from the camper and hold the fabric in between, creating a shaded area. You would use the interior arms to place the RV awning in a high enough position to be out of the way to the door of the camper.
  • Levers: These are for manual RV-awning setups that can be attached to your RV. When you've set up camp and want to use the awning, you'll just need to loosen the levers so you can slide the arms and fabric out.
  • Remote: This remote is an accessory for an electronic RV awning attachment. Once the awning is set up correctly, all you'll have to do is use the remote to slide the awning fabric out or in.
  • Arm Slider: The slider is what makes the awning arms able to move up and down so that the fabric can be stretched taut over the patio area.

What are some common RV awning fixes?

When camper awnings are used often, it's a useful skill to be able to fix them quickly. Here are three common fixes for awnings to keep them in tip-top shape:

  • For awning fabric tears, get specially made clear awning-repair tape. It is more durable than the fabric tape you'll find in arts and crafts stores.
  • Sliders can be replaced when they break. You don't have to replace an entire arm. You can just take off the old slider and install the new one.
  • If the RV awning will not retract properly, check to see if the awning cord that holds it into the rail has shifted. It should not shift. If the cord has shifted, then tighten the screw. If that doesn't solve the problem, you'll have to reinstall the awning rail onto the RV.