RV Tables and Parts Add Form and Function to Your RV Interior

If you've ever been in a camper, you know that an RV table is a multipurpose tool that makes the most use of limited space. Often serving as a table, bed, and desk at different times throughout each day, RV tables can quickly become the center of your living space. So, whether you need to make repairs to a broken camper table, or if you are looking to upgrade to a more functional one for your RV, here is everything you need to know when shopping for an RV table or replacement parts on eBay.

What types of RV tables are available?

Just like RV tables have many uses, they also have many designs. Whether you are looking for new supports for your table, or a new RV table top, here are some of the styles you may find on eBay:

  • Folding legs to offer your RV dining table extension some extra support.
  • Fixed pedestal legs to secure a table to the floor.
  • A height-adjustable RV dinette table wall mount to help turn your table into a bed for extra sleeping space.
  • Round, oval, and rectangular fixed table tops.
  • Folding table tops and counter extension tables.
Choosing the right RV table for your needs

Whether you are planning to spend lots of time in your RV or only use it once in a while, you want to have the right set up for your needs. These simple steps can help you choose a design that suits your family's camping style.

Decide if you will need to use the dining area as a sleeping area, too. This can impact the design you choose. Some tables can be removed to let benches lie flat, and others lower down to provide a sleeping platform.

Does your camper have space for a fixed table? If you don't, consider a folding option or maybe even extending your counter to provide an eating space.

How many people will usually be eating at the table? This could dictate how big of a table you need or how small you can really go to save space.

What should you know about buying used RV tables or parts?

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, then buying used tables and parts can be a good way to save money since they are often less expensive than new ones. Here are some used pieces that might help make dining more comfortable on your next camping adventures:

  • A nice RV pedestal and table top combination ready to install.
  • RV table tops in colors like blue, tan, and brown.
  • Assorted bases and supports for table legs.