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Wire a Telephone with an RJ-11 Line Jack

RJ-11 phone jack accessories can help you wire a telephone in various areas in a residential or commercial environment. The modular housing on a variety of phone jacks blends with the decor in different spaces because the surfaces are designed with a practical color scheme. These telephone accessories have ports that are suitable for a traditional cable.

What are the RJ-11 telephone product design options?

Most items are built with a standard connector or telephone wiring. A traditional jack has one port for a cable, and extension products are designed with multiple ports. Both product design options are manufactured in various modular configurations. The telephone accessories that mount on a wall and connect to the telephone wire have a flat design, and pieces that plug into the docking spot on a general jack have a plug that snaps in place.

What are the different product brands?
  • Eagle: Eagle manufactures products that feature a box housing and options with a flat design. This brand also provides jacks with dual plugs to connect multiple cables.
  • GE: GE designs many accessories that have five or more plugs for cables. The brand also has jacks that connect wirelessly.
  • RCA: Wireless phone accessory products and extension options are some of the accessories that RCA provides. These items are designed with a flat base or with a box jack housing.
  • Radio Shack: RadioShack also has various jack products for connecting traditional cables.
  • Generic: You will find jacks that connect to a telephone via standard and extension accessories that are produced by a variety of generic brands.
How does a phone accessory mount on a wall?

Extension pieces and flat varieties mount on a wall in different ways. All extension accessories have a component that plugs into a main phone jack. After pressure is applied while the extension piece is docked, the plastic piece will lock in place. In order to remove an extension piece, you will have to press and lift the extension mechanism. Traditional pieces have a sticky substance that adheres to the surfaces on a wall. However, because flat phone jacks are not extensions, tactical wiring procedures must be implemented in order to use a telephone after the housing is mounted.

If you want to use a phone jack that has over five jacks, you will only need to connect one component into a standard phone accessory. However, since jacks with multiple ports are lengthy, you will need to ensure that you have adequate space. Because these phone jacks are sturdy, they will not tilt when multiple cables are plugged into the housing.

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