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Just Another Look at RL Winston Fly Fishing Rods

Finding a light rod with enough action to sense a fish’s bite is key to successful fly rod fishing. RL Wintson makes fly rods designed for flexibility, strength, and adaptability. New Winston fly rods expand on your ability to cast and come in a variety of different rod sizes.

Can any fly reel work with any fly rod?

Fly rods use a universal saddle for all modern fly reels to sit on. For this reason, Winston fly rods are an option for the reels you already have. Most Winston fly rods are intended for catching specific species or for fishing in a certain set of conditions. You can search for the right fit by choosing a category by size or based on where you’ll be fishing. The reels are also organized this way, which makes it easy to find Winston rods suitable for many conditions.

Types of RL Winston fly fishing rods

Winston manufactures rods for all weather conditions, including basic and complex ones. There are a few basic types of fly fishing rods Winston manufactures, some of which include the following:

  • 2- to 8-weight rods: The weight class of a rod determines the power it has for the game fish you’re hunting. Winston's lower-weight rods are more sensitive to helping you sense smaller fish bites, while their heavier-weight rods are stiff enough to help you reel in larger species.
  • 2- to 4-piece sets: Packing up your rod may be necessary as you head back to the car. These assemblies are made in 2-piece sets and 4-piece sets. They secure with tension technology that allows you to break the pieces apart when you’re done fishing, making for easy transport.
  • 6 feet and up lengths: The length of a standard fly rod is 9 feet, but Winston makes fly fishing rods as short as 6 feet and as high as 11 and 13 feet. See the manufacturer site for details. Double-handed, affordable Winston fly rods offer control for larger rods that shoot line out farther.
  • Carrying cases: A mesh sleeve and a hard carrying case are provided with each rod for storage and protection. This helps protect your rods from both the elements and insects while they're in storage.
  • Salt or freshwater: The brand offers both saltwater and freshwater fly fishing. Saltwater models are designed to deal with the sodium of ocean and seawater.
Are there Winston fly rods for catching trout?

There are plenty of stylish Winston fly rods that are designed to help you pursue fish like trout. You'd typically select a fly fishing rod with a weight class between 2 and 5 for trout fishing since rods in that weight class rang are ideal for picking up the sensitivity of a trout bite.

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