Quartz Crystal Healing

Quartz Crystal Healing

Quartz has been used to facilitate healing for thousands of years. It is considered the most powerful of the eating crystals because of the hexagonal system of the crystal. The way quartz is formed allows it to absorb, store, release, balance, and unblock energy.

What is a quartz crystal?

A quartz crystal is a polyhedral form that is the expression of how atoms of silicon dioxide arrange themselves. Most types of quartz are found as crystals, and these crystals can be very large. Pure quartz is colorless, and colored stones are given their hues from impurities. Quartz crystals are often found in clusters and are either right or left-handed.

What is the use of quartz?

In healing, different types of quartz crystals are used to:

  • Refine your energy
  • Enhance your psychic abilities
  • Attune you to your spiritual purpose
  • Improve your memory and concentration
  • Support your immune system
  • Harmonize your chakras, which are spinning bodies of subtle energy found in various points on your body.
  • Align your subtle bodies. These are layers of the biomagnetic energy field that surrounds all living things.
  • Heal burns
How does quartz crystal healing work?

Quartz crystal healing works through focusing the vibrations of light and sound into a concentrated beam. Rotating a wand on the skin, for example, causes it to release a focused beam on the targeted organ.

What is smoky quartz used to do?
  • Grounds and anchors your energy
  • Raises positive and releases negative vibrations during meditation
  • Eases stress
  • Helps you get through challenging times
  • Relieves fear and depression and brings calmness
  • Dissolves negative emotions and banishes nightmares
  • Gives you clear insight
  • Natural smoky quartz helps heal the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. It is important that the quartz crystal be natural and transparent for this type of healing. It is also very good to use to heal disorders of your legs, hips, and abdomen. It strengthens both your back and nervous system. To use, place it on your base chakra or wear it as a pendant. You can also place it under your pillow, or sit quietly with a stone in each hand for a few minutes.
What does clear quartz crystal mean?

Clear quartz means that it is transparent, like glass. Clear quartz is an extremely powerful healing crystal and can be used to ease nearly any condition, for it supports the immune system and balances other bodily systems.

What other kinds of quartz crystals are available?

Quartz crystals are available in large and small crystal points and shards as well as:

  • Golden healer: This type of quartz helps communication over long distances and even between worlds.
  • Golden aura: Golden aura quartz is synthetic but powerful and active. It releases emotional wounds and cleanses the solar plexus.
  • Fire agate: Fire agate is a type of quartz called chalcedony. It brings calm energy and a sense of security and safety. It protects against ill intent and flings bad energies back to their source.
  • Jasper: Jasper is another type of chalcedony. It is an opaque stone used to align the chakras.
  • Blue: This crystal alleviates fear, calms the mind and is used to heal organs in the upper body.