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Amplify Your Sound with a QSC Power Amp

A QSC power amp can be used to boost the signal of your sound components. These amplifiers are available in different channels and specifications. A power amplifier can be used for a musician’s gear setup or in a home stereo system. These versatile amplifiers are available for purchase on eBay.

Do you need a preamplifier with a power amp?

Microphones and other input components are powered by a preamplifier. These components will only need a slight boost in their power signal. A power amplifier provides more boost than a preamp. They have more power that can deliver added boost to your speakers, subwoofers, and tweeters.

Choose the right QSC power amp

All amplifiers increase the maximum signal output of a component. In order to achieve this, your power amplifier will have its own power supply. These amplifiers increase signal outputs that have frequencies in the 20 kHz range or less. If you have several components, you want to choose an amp with the appropriate amount of channels. These channels are used to drive one specific component. If you have several speakers, each speaker should have a separate channel. The same goes for tweeters, woofers, and other audio equipment. Some components need less power and can share a channel. You want to choose an amplifier that can power every component of your sound system.

The different channel options for amplifiers

Amplifiers are available in many different channels. You can find a model that best fits your audio system. There are a few differences between the different channels:

  • One-channel (monoblock) - The Monoblock amplifier is used for subwoofers and tweeters. These high-powered amps will often require more energy than other amplifiers. Monoblocks do not have left or right differentiation.
  • Two-channel - Two-channel amplifiers are the most common type. You will find these amplifiers in most home theater systems. They are full range and can be bridged in your system. Bridging your amplifier will increase the power that is supplied to one speaker. In a stereo setup, a second identical amplifier is needed.
  • Four-channel - Four-channel amplifiers are used to power a full audio setup. You can configure these channels into many different options. These amps are also full range and available for stereo sound.
  • Five-channel - Five-channel amplifiers combine both a four-channel amp and a monoblock. These models are used for home stereo systems and small components like a subwoofer.
  • Six-channel - The six-channel amplifier is similar to a four-channel amp. The extra channels power additional components in your system.
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