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Pyrex Glassware

Corning first introduced Pyrex glass dishes to consumers in 1908, and over the years, it has expanded its line from vintage Pyrex to other styles and colors. Everything from clear glass to white and green dish options may be used in your kitchen. Pyrex is a truly functional option to use for your kitchen storage and cooking.

What is Pyrex glass?

Pyrex is a special type of glass that is made out of borosilicate materials, or boric oxide and silica sand. This unique type of glass can hold up well to rapid temperature changes without cracking or shattering. For example, if you take a glass dish or bowl from Pyrex out of the oven and immediately place it in very cold water, no damage will be done. The glass from Pyrex will not shatter when exposed to this type of rapid temperature change, making it functional for practical kitchen use.

Can you put Pyrex glass dishes in the oven?

A glass Pyrex dish or cup set is designed to endure the incredible heat intensity of an oven. In fact, even vintage Pyrex can hold up to heat as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, a Pyrex casserole dish or another type of dish can be used as both a baking and a serving vessel.

Can a Pyrex pie plate go from freezer to oven?

When making a pie, you may want to refrigerate or freeze the item before baking it. Pyrex pie plates and other baking dishes are designed to endure considerable and sudden changes between heat and cold. They can be transferred from the freezer to oven without breaking. This benefit extends to all types of Pyrex products, including a cup set or mixing bowl made out of glass from Pyrex. Even attractive vintage Pyrex, like bowls and cups, which are available in decorative colors, may perform well in this capacity.

What styles of Pyrex can you get?

Because of the incredible functionality, durability, and style of Pyrex products, you may be interested in investing in a few glass products. These are available in white, green, and clear options. You can easily order a wide range of bowl sizes, including a mixing bowl and a bowl that is designed for storage. In addition to a mixing bowl or a storage bowl, you may also invest in a pie plate, a casserole dish, and a measuring cup set.

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