A Quick Guide to Rockford Fosgate Punch Amplifiers

If you are looking for a way to add power to your sound system, a Rockford Fosgate Punch amplifier is just what you need. On eBay, you can find a large selection of new and used Punch amps at prices you can afford. Here is some basic information to help you choose the right one for you.

How many channels do you need on a Punch amp?

The number of channels required by your Rockford Fosgate Punch amplifier depends a lot on your personal preferences and how many speaker sources you would like to power. The channel amount of your amp represents how many speakers the amp is capable of powering. Generally, Punch amps come in the following channel categories:

  • Mono-amplifier: The mono-amp, or one channel amp, is used to power one speaker. Typically, this type of amp is used to power a single subwoofer.
  • Two-channel amplifiers: Two channel amps are used to give power to two speakers simultaneously. These amps are normally used to provide power to the rear two speakers or to two single-box subwoofers.
  • Four-channel amps: Four-channel amps can be used to power any four speakers in your sound system set-up. They are often used with upgraded front and rear auto speakers, but can also be used with a subwoofer and rear auto speakers.
  • Five-channel amplifiers: This amp will power your entire sound system including your front and rear auto speakers and an additional subwoofer.
Can you use a Punch amp with factory speakers?

It is possible to add an amplifier to your factory installed speakers. However, many manufacturers use standard quality speakers in their vehicles that simply do not have the qualities needed to be compatible with many aftermarket amplifiers. To improve the overall quality of your sound system and get the powerful bass sound you are looking for, it is best to upgrade your speakers and external amplifier unit.

What sizes of Punch amps are available?

To find an amplifier that will meet the power needs of your sound system, you want to ensure that the power output of the amp is equal to the amount of power your speakers can handle. The way to find this information out is to check the RMS power rating of your speakers. If all of your speakers do not match up, for example, your front speakers have a lower RMS rating than the back speakers, go with the lowest rating listed. Select a Punch amp on eBay that closely matches the RMS rating of your speakers.

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