Propane BBQs, Grills & Smokers

Propane Grills, Barbecues, and Smokers

Barbecues, grills, and smokers are outdoor cooking devices that are used for grilling and cooking meat, vegetables, and fruit. Grills, barbecues, and smokers come in a variety of sizes, and they can use either propane or charcoal as their source of fuel. Gas grills use a propane tank as the fuel source.

What is the difference between a barbecue, grill, and smoker?

Barbecues and grills both cook meat over an open flame, but the process of cooking barbecue is different than the process of grilling. Barbecue is a slower process over a lower heat, and it can take several hours. Grilling uses a higher cooking temperature and a quicker cooking time. A smoker is usually a separate piece of equipment that is used to cook meat at low temperatures while creating a smoke that flavors the food.

What are some brand options for grills and smokers?

Some common brands include Weber, Char-Broil, Masterbuilt, Blackstone, Nexgrill, Royal Gourmet, BBQ Pro, Laguna, Dyna-Glo, Smoke Hollow, Bayou, and Coleman.

What are the different options for gas grills?

Gas grills come in a variety of styles, including portable, tabletop, and camping varieties. They can also be designed to be built into a wall of a backyard, have a griddle top, or used for tailgating.

What special features can come on a gas grill

Gas grills can come with several different extra features, including rotisserie, sear station, infrared technology, warming rack, and side burner. Other features, such as wheels, workstation, and covers can also be found.

What is a sear station?

A sear station is an area of the grill in which there are burners that are closer together so that the temperature is hottest and the heat can sear in juices on meat, such as steak.

What materials are grills available in?

Stainless steel is frequently used on gas grills. Otherwise cast aluminum, mostly painted black or sometimes tan, is used.

What materials are used to make the grill grates?

Grates can be made of chrome, porcelain-coated steel, or cast iron.

What are common parts on a gas grill?

Since gas grills must be connected to a propane tank, a gas valve and an igniter are standard on gas grills. Gas grills will also have burners, and the larger the grill, the more burners the grill will have. Heat plates and warming racks are also common.

What are the specifications for a gas grill propane tank?

Gas grill propane tanks are usually 20 pounds when filled. It is, however, also possible to use a 40-pound propane tank on grills that are commercial-sized.