Build your Dream Sound System with Pro Audio Cables and Connector Snakes

If you happen to be a person who has a certain preference when it comes to building your dream sound system, you probably need a variety of pro audio cables and connector snakes. Find both male and female versions of the RCA and other audio or video sound cables you need to connect your stereo, speakers, amplifiers, and musical instruments. Build a home theater with surround sound, or prepare for a high-energy band or DJ performance with these selections found on eBay.

What lengths and types of pro audio cables are offered?

Electronic cables come in a variety of lengths to provide the reach you need onstage or across a room. Short cords for use in close proximities are also available that will alleviate cable entanglement. Some types available include as follows:

  • 3-foot audio patch cable: Use specific male or female connectors to link amps, receivers, and other equipment from short distances.
  • 20-foot microphone cord: If you don't want to worry about losing a signal while singing or playing on stage, this may help you maneuver around a wider area.
  • 25-foot RCA cable: You could possibly also find these in lengths of up to 100 feet. They also typically come in shorter lengths such as 6 feet, and different types connect audio, video, or both.
  • 25-foot audio snake: This type of cord usually has multiple connectors for sending signals to and from microphones, receivers, speakers, amplifiers, and more. They may come in other sizes here on eBay as well, and they may contain male or female ends.
  • 15-foot stereo cables: You also might find them in sizes 10 or 20 feet long, and 50-foot or 100-foot lengths might also be available.
What you need to remember when choosing audio cables

A variety of tips can help you design your dream audio setup whether you are a novice or an expert. Sift through these pointers to help you choose the correct audio snakes and cables.

  • Digital versus analog: With most electronics having gone digital nowadays, this probably will not be much of an issue. However, just be aware of the difference between stereo and analog cables. You may have trouble picking up the signal you need to run your devices if you try to run analog with digital.
  • Connector size: Don't forget to verify you have the right connector size. This probably is one of the most common mistakes. Some sizes for different audio cords include ones with the 3.5mm and 6.3mm connectors and ends that fit into 2-pin or 3-pin jacks.
  • Connection type: Make sure you confirm you have the correct connection type. Many home theater and music instrument amplification systems have similar connectors. However, you may find a few devices with slightly different connection types. You may need adapters if you do not have all the right cables.
Are there any analog electronic cables available?

Analog cables may not be as readily available as digital ones depending on what types of electronic devices you want to connect. They may be more readily available for musical instruments and amps than they are for home theater equipment. In some situations, you will need an adapter that changes a male connector to a female one or vice-versa. Using analog and digital together may also require an RCA connector with your audio snake. Just be aware that some cords more than a couple of years old could cause poor, degraded, or distorted reception.