Discover Princess Jasmine Costumes for Women

When Halloween and costume parties come around, you need to choose a costume. If you’re a Disney fan, Princess Jasmine is a fun choice. Designed to resemble the clothing from the legendary cartoon, these costumes are colorful and feminine.

Features of the classic turquoise Princess Jasmine costume

One of the most common affordable Princess Jasmine costumes is the two-piece turquoise model worn by Jasmine in the cartoon film. Every version is different, but some common features include:

  • Harem pants: The most distinctive part of the Princess Jasmine costume for adults is the pair of harem pants. These pants usually feature a fitted waist and loose-fitting legs. In some cases, the pants feature elastic at the cuffs, which often hit just above the ankles. In some versions, the pants come with a V-shaped belt with gold edging.
  • Crop top: The classic Jasmine costume usually comes with a crop top. Often, it’s not as cropped as the movie version; in some cases, it reaches all the way to the waist of the pants. The top is often made with an off-the-shoulder neckline and sheer sleeves that might be long or short.
  • Sheer overlay: The blue Jasmine costume usually features a sheer overlay skirt with a split-front design. The skirt drapes around the back and uses the open front to show off the pants.
  • Headpiece: The finishing touch on this Jasmine costume for an adult is the headpiece. It’s usually made in the same turquoise as the costume, and often features a gemstone in the center.
Is it possible to find Princess Jasmine costumes from the 2019 “Aladdin” movie?

Yes. Since the movie’s release, you can purchase costumes on eBay that resemble Princess Jasmine’s outfits from the film. Some options include an orange dress with a green underskirt and gold edging, a bright pink dress with gold trim, and a fuchsia outfit with pants and an overskirt.

When is it advisable to buy a used Princess Jasmine costume for an adult?

A used costume can help you save money, which is handy when you only plan to wear the outfit once. It’s usually fine to buy used, as long as you check into the condition. Make sure the costume doesn’t have any tears, holes, or stains. Verify that the fabric looks well-cared-for and that the size seems appropriate. Finally, make sure that the costume includes all of the pieces you need.