How to Choose the Right Precision Xtra Over-the-Counter Diabetes Test Strips for Your Needs

Anyone with diabetes knows how hard it can be to keep track of things such as blood glucose and ketones. If you're suffering from diabetes or otherwise want to keep track of your blood glucose levels or ketone levels, you may have considered purchasing Precision Xtra over-the-counter test strips. There are a few different kinds of testing strips and packages to choose from, and eBay offers a wide variety of affordable Precision Xtra test strips to suit your lifestyle.

What should you consider when selecting which package to get?

The main things to consider when picking out a Precision Xtra test strip package are:

  • Which type of strips you need: The two sold by Precision Xtra are blood glucose test strips and ketone test strips.
  • The number of strips in each package
  • The expiration date on the test strips
Should you buy these test strips in bulk or not?

If you buy the strips in a larger amount, you may end up paying less for each strip overall. However, this isn't necessarily always the case depending on the package you're buying. In addition, make sure you buy an amount that you will actually use before the expiration date on the strips to prevent wasting any of them.

Differences between Precision Xtra strips in packets and boxes

The Precision Xtra test strips sold in boxes are generally much easier to store. Having them in the original box may also make it easier for you to keep track of how many you have left. The strips that are sold as unboxed packets, on the other hand, are easier to travel with and are still fairly simple to store. It's worth noting that the unboxed packets may be significantly more affordable than test strips left in their original box packaging.

Are pre-owned Precision Xtra test strips available?

Yes, eBay does sell pre-owned boxes of these test strips. This can come about if a person has bought too many boxes or packets and doesn't need the excess. The pre-owned test strips are in their original boxes and packets. If the box has been opened, each test strip is still individually sealed.

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