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Precious Moments Figurines For Your Christmas Village Sets

Let Christmas be the day of giving gifts to your favorite people, and enjoying the joy on their faces as they receive them. You can shop for Christmas presents for your loved ones from the decorative collectibles section on eBay. Simply browse through the vast selection of Precious Moments collectibles and take your pick. If your father is a collector, a Precious Moments figurine can be a thoughtful Christmas present for him. You can add these tiny figurines to your Christmas village sets, or keep them in your display cabinet. Be it Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can never go wrong with a gift that includes a collectible.

What are some Precious Moments figurines collectibles available on eBay?

The "original 21" figurines are examples of quality collectible figurines by Precious Moments. One such collectible, "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver," is a ceramic statue of a little girl pulling a wagon with five puppies. Introduced in 1978 and retired in 1981, it has no production mark. Single figurines and lots of two or more of the Original 21 are available on eBay. Four other originals have the following titles:

  • "Come Let Us Adore Him"
  • "Prayer Changes Things"
  • "Jesus Is the Answer"
  • "Unto Us a Child Is Born"
  • "Jesus Is Born"
Other Precious Moments products

Although Precious Moments has produced an abundance of ceramics, the company also manufactured items such as dolls, books, stuffed animals, stationery, watches, and needle-working kits. Designed as gifts, most items were geared to specific categories with seasonal, religious, or relationship-related themes:

  • Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and other holidays
  • Religious themes and Bible verses
  • Wedding and baby gifts
  • Special occasions and relationships
  • Family and friends
What are "retired" and "limited edition" products?

"Limited edition" means the company only produced a specific number of an item, regardless of its popularity. When that number of figurines have been sold, the mold is destroyed. This adds a rarity feature to the particular item. "Retired" products are items no longer produced by the company. Occasionally, the company will return a retired product to the sales line if there is enough demand for it. Over 500 products have been suspended or retired, including limited editions, figurines for months of the year, and a "Precious Moments Last Forever" special porcelain medallion. These pieces are available on eBay.

What is a Chapel Exclusive figurine? Chapel Exclusive figurines are sold only at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. Their limited availability makes them difficult to find, but collectors can find them on eBay. Titles include "The Light of Hope," "Christmas Around the World," and others, including:
  • "Ma-Holo-Day WISHES FOR YOU"
  • "Fairy Tales Can Come True!"
  • "My Teacher, My Friend"
  • "No Tears Past the Gate"
  • "We Are Always in His Plan"
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