Fisher 400-A Tube Stereo Power Amplifier acquired from the family of the original owner. I used an Adcom tuner/preamplifier combo and a pair of infinity bookshelf speakers. Both left and right channels have equal output with all tubes illuminating.
    5 bids
    $28.25 shipping
    Ending Today at 6:38PM PDT2h 46mBrand: FisherType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingLuxman M-120A Power Amplifier Tested Works

    Up for sale is a great working condition Power Amplifier by Luxman, Model M-120A. The serial number is 1504802. This is a Stereo Duo-B Circuit Power Amplifier. a little cleaning, but do work. If we have not received.
    Brand: Luxman
    $49.99 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    or Best Offer
  • New ListingKenwood Stereo Power Amplifier KM-207 Vintage Amp TESTED !

    Kenwood Stereo Power Amplifier, Model KM-207. Tested and in very good condition, showing normal signs of wear and use.
    Brand: Kenwood
    $20.36 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    Guaranteed by Wed, Oct 24
  • New ListingMcintosh MC2505 STREO POWER AMPLIFIER, Tested working.

    Just front side glass broke as pictures showen, tested working perfectly.
    3 bids
    $80.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 28 at 7:01PM PDT9d 3hBrand: McIntoshType: Power Amplifier
  • Carver M-500T Power Amplifier

    It works when I was using on both speakers. I'm no expert in these amplifiers so I'm not totally sure if it is 100% functional. As you could see on the pictures it is pretty scratched on the top.
    4 bids
    $37.39 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 7:02PM PDT5d 3hBrand: CarverType: Power Amplifier
  • Heath W-5M MONO Tube Power Amp Amplifier WORKS GREAT SERVICED

    SERVICED BY A TECH. Everything works as it should. It will be double boxed with plenty of cushioning between the boxes. As power tubes are an individual decision I am not including them. Rectifier and 12au7s are individually tested US tubes.
    1 bid
    $66.19 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 7:10PM PDT5d 3hType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingVintage RCA tube power amplifier . Mi-12162A

    Very cool early RCA MI 12162A very heavy sold as is untested
    0 bids
    $60.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 25 at 5:33PM PDT6d 1hBrand: RCAType: Power Amplifier

    Functions properly but lights on front panel do not work and black paint around headphone jack is delaminating. Priced accordingly!
    4 bids
    $69.59 shipping
    Ending Oct 23 at 9:30PM PDT4d 5hBrand: McIntoshType: Power Amplifier
  • Crown DC300A amp

    This is for parts and repair only. Amp is not 100 % functional. - Right channel is very week. - Left channel does not work.
    0 bids
    Free shipping
    Ending Oct 22 at 3:22PM PDT2d 23hType: Power Amplifier
  • Yamaha MX-600U Vintage Power Amplifier, Made In Japan

    Very nice condition Yamaha amp. Fully functional and well tested. Meters work perfectly and are Mesmerizing to watch. A few scuffs and small scratches on the top of the case as shown in the pics. The face of the amp is flawless. Sounds amazing. All internal parts have been stamped for easy identification. Please, let me know if you have any questions at all.
    Brand: Yamaha
    Free shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    or Best Offer

    0 bids
    $50.00 shipping
    Ending Saturday at 11:59AM PDT20h 7m
    or Best Offer
    Brand: CarverType: Power Amplifier
  • Yamaha M-60 Stereo MAIN Amplifier w/Manual & Original Box

    Powers Up ~ partially operational ~ good for parts. Included MANUAL & Original Box.
    7 bids
    $25.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 23 at 8:26AM PDT3d 16hBrand: YamahaType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingPioneer A70 Power Amplifier

    You are bidding on a Great Vintage Pioneer amp in its time..this one needs some care and refurbishing.unit powers on and sound does come from the speaker terminals. .tested cd on aux and tape input and both worked..did not test phono..FM reception was good ..great amp..just need to be overhauled and cleaned a bit..hence the low price..good luck
    0 bids
    $32.66 shipping
    Ending Oct 26 at 8:30AM PDT6d 16hBrand: PioneerType: Power Amplifier
  • Kkika Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

    Like new. Still has protective film on it.
    0 bids
    $16.86 shipping
    Ending Oct 21 at 10:52AM PDT1d 19h
    or Best Offer
    Type: Power Amplifier

    DYNACO DYNAKIT MARK III. DYNACO MARK III 6550 PUSH PULL MONO TUBE AMP POWER AMPLIFIER. Note: B60 in the title is only our code to locate this item in our inventory. MONO TUBE AMP POWER AMPLIFIER.
    16 bids
    Free shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 9:33AM PDT4d 17hBrand: DynacoType: Power Amplifier
  • Grommes Precision TUBE Amplifier ST-100

    This was a working ST-100 when put in storage in the original box. It has 4 6GT5 output tubes and is clean. 100w RMS TUBE amplifier from the 60's when power was real power. Manufactured in Chicago, IL.
    0 bids
    $41.80 shipping
    Ending Oct 27 at 12:06PM PDT7d 20h
    or Best Offer
    Type: Power Amplifier
  • Vintage 2A3 Hammond Webster Rauland Tube Amplifier w/Tubes Western Electric Era

    Unit is untested and being sold as-is.
    1 bid
    $45.00 shipping
    Ending Today at 6:24PM PDT2h 32mBrand: HammondType: Power Amplifier
  • Eico HF-60 Mono Tube Amplifier - Acrosound Output transformer

    Condition is very good. I have powered it slowly on a Variac and it is in working condition. It has been serviced in the past with several new electrolytic capacitors as shown, but should be checked over by a qualified technician before use to assure safety and top performance.
    33 bids
    $62.35 shipping
    Ending Today at 6:00PM PDT2h 8mBrand: EICOType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingVintage Leach LNF-1A Amplifier High-end

    In Atlanta Georgia. Serial # 648. This belonged to my grandpa whom passed away in 1984. This whole system works perfect. My grandpa was a hi-fi nut. He was a NASA engineer and a brilliant man. Needless to say this amp was chosen by him to power his system.
    Type: Power Amplifier
    $47.26 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • McIntosh mc502 vintage power amplifier; walnut cabinet! Buzzing

    Bought this used; and ran this as a monoblock setup..and its started buzzing. I am no expert and I don't know how to fix. I've moved on to a different set of amplifiers for my speakers. My loss is your gain! Glass is almost branch new — it had broken in shipping when I purchased. Will ship with extreme care. No returns. This is as is. Will ship insured.
    0 bids
    $29.85 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 2:45PM PDT4d 22h
    or Best Offer
    Brand: McIntoshType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingStereo Tube Amplifier-Reproduction of Zenith 6BQ5-Sounds Great!!

    Up for your consideration is this very nice 6BQ5 tube music amplifier in almost new condition. This is a single ended stereo amplifier. Flawless, warm, clear audio from the 6BQ5 tubes. Works great, Looks Great. You'll need to do nothing!
    Brand: Zenith
    $25.00 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingGorgeous Mitsubishi DA-A10 Dual Monaural Stereo Power Amplifier

    Working condition.
    0 bids
    $61.70 shipping
    Ending Oct 21 at 5:17PM PDT2d 1hBrand: MitsubishiType: Power Amplifier
  • Yamaha MX-2 Stereo Power Amplifier

    Yamaha MX-2 Stereo Power Amp. I'm Not A Tech.
    Brand: Yamaha
    $66.94 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    or Best Offer
  • Vintage Mcintosh MC-2505 stereo power amplifier- serviced and working well

    But most importantly the most defining aspect of the MC2505 is that it was one of the very first solid state amplifiers to actually sound good, and it easily set a new standard of performance excellence in its era.
    Brand: McIntosh
    $38.70 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    21 watching
  • Vintage Proton D-1200 Stereo Power Amplifier Preamplifier Exct

    amp is fully function was just detailed inside and out new LEDs installed
    0 bids
    $33.30 shipping
    Ending Oct 22 at 4:55PM PDT3d 1hType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingVintage DYNACO 120A Stereo Power Amplifier Has Issues, Please Read Free Shipping

    (LIght up power switch is burned out. One channel A has distorted out, Channel B sounds solid. It will probably need to be recapped. Photos do a nice job of showing condition.).
    Brand: Dynaco
    Free shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
  • Vintage Mono Block Tube Amp Audio Amplifier

    Condition: good condition, may show normal wear---see all pictures.
    1 bid
    $29.95 shipping
    Ending Oct 26 at 6:06AM PDT6d 14hBrand: FisherType: Power Amplifier
  • Soundcraftsmen S860 professional 600 watt MOSFET power amplifier

    Here is a nice Soundcraftsmen Power Amp. This is a fully working unit, 6 Mosfets. Pro inputs. Cables may be purchased here on bay for RCA to Pro. I used this in my home system for some power hungry 4 Ohm speakers, it never clipped. This little shoebox has some punch! It's very detailed. It's ideal for multiple home theatre amping also. It has some minor scratching cosmetically. The Pre-amp is shown for demonstration purposes only. Not Included
    1 bid
    $36.03 shipping
    Ending Oct 22 at 6:15PM PDT3d 2hBrand: SoundcraftsmenType: Power Amplifier

    I will work with you.
    0 bids
    $31.20 shipping
    Ending Oct 25 at 11:49AM PDT5d 19hBrand: SCOTTType: Power Amplifier
  • Vintage Yamaha M2 amplifier

    A few very minor marks for an amp of this age. The amp was also recently put into my daily listening system for a couple weeks to make sure everything is fine. Weight: 20.9kg. Input sensitivity: 1.62V.
    Brand: Yamaha
    $78.00 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    20 watching

    HARMON KARDON CITATION II POWER AMPLIFIER for restoration. This is from my father's estate. Sold as is, not working and no tubes. Local pickup in Las Vegas is also available.
    0 bids
    $100.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 7:34PM PDT5d 3h
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Harman KardonType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingVintage Silvertone 528 59912 Tube Power Stereo AMP Amplifier Receiver

    This Could be working or good for parts or repair. Its untested.
    0 bids
    $14.95 shipping
    Ending Oct 28 at 6:00PM PDT9d 2hBrand: SilvertoneType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingConrad Johnson MV75a-1 Tube Amplifier - Sounds Great

    I have lusted after this model of amp ever since buying a new MV45a-1 (which I later sold) many moons ago. This amp looks quite nice. One of the 4 LEDs used to set bias is a little dim, but bias is still easy to set.
    2 bids
    $50.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 25 at 7:00PM PDT6d 3hType: Power Amplifier
  • New ListingSOUNDCRAFTSMEN 450x2 MOSFET Stereo Power Amplifier

    Note we have noticed the fan does not seem to turn on while playing. Rated 450wpc at 2 ohms stereo! This amplifier was rarely used in our system. Shows minor paint wear. Refer to photos for details.
    Brand: Soundcraftsmen
    $59.00 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
  • Carver PM-1.5A Magnetic Field Power Amplifier Low Feedback / High Headroom 450W

    Carver and demo - YouTube. No rust or oxidation. A little bit of sticker residue on the front, which is no longer sticky but the outline is faintly visible, as seen in photo. In good working condition.
    2 bids
    $40.03 shipping
    Ending Today at 4:30PM PDT38m 49sBrand: CarverType: Power Amplifier
  • Vintage Heathkit W-6M Mono Tube Amplifier,1960s,70 Watts,Peerless/Altec Restored

    All of the large filter can capacitors were replaced as can be seen in one of the pictures. The new ones were installed into the original black cardboard tubes. The minimum good reading is 44 and both tubes tested at 56.
    0 bids
    $110.45 shipping
    Ending Today at 5:09PM PDT1h 17mBrand: HeathkitType: Power Amplifier
  • Yamaha C-60 Stereo  CONTROL Amplifier w/Manual & Original Box

    Powers Up ~ Partially operational ~ Good for Parts. Includes Manual and Original Box.
    3 bids
    $41.55 shipping
    Ending Oct 23 at 8:36AM PDT3d 16hBrand: YamahaType: Power Amplifier
  • Pilotone Model AA-410A Monoblock Tube Amp

    Type: Power Amplifier
    $13.17 shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Vintage component new chassis 6BQ5/EL84 Single Ended Stereo Tube Amp 

    Upgraded by adding a filter choke and line fuse. Checked on speaker for noise and ran power triangle waves to check linearity.
    5 bids
    $30.08 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 8:20PM PDT5d 4hBrand: MagnavoxType: Power Amplifier
  • Vintage Hammond Webster Rauland 2A3 Tube Amplifier w/Tubes Western Electric Era

    Unit is untested and being sold as-is.
    1 bid
    $45.00 shipping
    Ending Today at 6:24PM PDT2h 32mBrand: HammondType: Power Amplifier
  • Fisher Vacuum Tube Amplifier 660-A Ambassador IV Console A60X Original NICE 7591

    Fisher was well known for the finest Hi-Fi consoles made by anyone. Amplifier was removed in working condition several years ago. complete original Fisher service manual for this console showing exactly how this amp works within the console.
    4 bids
    $55.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 11:05AM PDT4d 19hBrand: FisherType: Power Amplifier
  • Apt Corporation Power Amplifier 1

    FOR SALE: Apt Corporation Power Amplifier 1. Great sound.
    Type: Power Amplifier
    $35.00 shipping
    or Best Offer
    17 watching
  • PAIR of Hafler 9130 MOSFET Power Amplifiers

    make / manufacturer: Hafler model name / number: 9130 Here is a PAIR of matching Hafler 9130 Mosfet power amps in beautiful condition. These can be operated in stereo or bridged mono for 150 watts of high current, clean power. I currently have them bridged and they sound nothing short of amazing. You won’t find a better or higher quality power source at this price point. Buy it Now price is for the pair, both units are included in this fixed price sale. Fixed shipping price of $57.00 to lower 48 states ONLY, no international shipping, local pickup is welcome. Thanks for looking.
    Brand: Hafler
    $57.00 shipping
    Type: Power Amplifier
    10 watching
  • Dynaco ST-120 Parts, Working Pulls, as-is

    I opted to do a complete upgrade but these parts were working and sounded very good when pulled.
    0 bids
    $26.52 shipping
    Ending Oct 24 at 2:20PM PDT4d 22hBrand: DynacoType: Power Amplifier
  • POWER AMPLIFIER Model M-25 Vintage Pioneer 20 AB Excellent working condition

    Very well cared for. N/Mint: Near Perfect, played rarely if ever. May have 1 or 2 very slight superficial paper scuffs that does not effect play. In the U.S. (should play well). GRADING PER GOLDMINE STANDARD.
    0 bids
    $111.93 shipping
    Ending Saturday at 11:00AM PDT19h 8mBrand: PioneerType: Power Amplifier
  • Crown DC-300A Vintage Power Amplifier

    Tested with audio source to amplify speakers. Need a few minutes to warm up before it functioned correctly. As pictured.
    Type: Power Amplifier
    Free shipping
    or Best Offer
  • Dynaco ST-35 completely rebuilt w/ Gillespie EFB Power Supply and Output Boards

    Original two wire 120 VAC power cord updated to three way plug with ground. Minimal pitting and aging on brown cover and chassis. All tubes are new and EL84 output tubes are matched.
    0 bids
    $50.00 shipping
    Ending Oct 28 at 11:18AM PDT8d 19h
    or Best Offer
    Brand: DynacoType: Power Amplifier
  • Dynaco Dynakit ST70 stereo st 70 tube amplifier

    The top cover which is brown is in nice condition, no dents or dings it fits the bottom part of this piece fine. I know very little about these, bought this one at a Estate sale and I am not the original owner.
    0 bids
    $65.99 shipping
    Ending Saturday at 7:20PM PDT1d 3hBrand: DynacoType: Power Amplifier
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