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When it comes to getting the job done quickly, power tools are the way to go. You get the benefit of hand tools without the trouble of using your arm power to get the work done. Just about every hand tool has an available power tool option. Do the research to know what tools you want, what you need, and what you can afford. If you can't decide which power tool to purchase, consider going with a combo kit, everything you need now and might need in the future in one box.

Drill It In

Drilling is not an easy job, but with a power drill, it's a breeze. With the push of a button, you can drill a hole or screw in a bolt in no time. If you only purchase one power tool, consider getting a cordless drill. It is ideal for that honey-do list that takes up the majority of your day off. You can quickly hang pictures, curtain rods, and put that shelving unit together in the blink of an eye giving you the freedom to enjoy your day off.

Cut It Off

A hand saw is a tiresome tool and requires not only moving the instrument across the material, but it requires a little pressure to push on through the material. Thanks to modern technology, that hassle is removed. In addition, a cutting power tool usually doubles as a grinding tool too. One thing to look for before deciding on which model to purchase is whether or not it has a side handle that positionable in at least two different positions to give the user more control and versatility.

Sand It Down

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth—that is what is required while doing a sandpaper application with a sheet of sandpaper. However, that back and forth action is smoother when you let the power of the device to do the work, and you simply guide it to where you want to sand. For home improvement jobs, a smaller sander, one that fits in your hand, is the way to go.

Power It Up

There are two primary options when it comes to powering power tools. You can choose to go with a corded tool that requires you to be near an electrical outlet to use the tool. The more popular option is a battery operated device. In addition to giving you more freedom to use your tool wherever and whenever you need, most of the batteries are interchangeable and will run more than one tool.

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