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Honda Pilot Power Steering Pumps and Parts

Driving a Honda Pilot is made significantly easier thanks to power steering. Power steering allows drivers to almost effortlessly turn the wheel to control the tires. Whenever a component gets damaged, you can find replacements online.

How does the Honda Pilot power steering work?

The steering system on your Honda Pilot is powered by hydraulics.

  • The pump supplies fluid pressure, and that pressure then pushes against a piston.
  • When you turn to the left or the right, the pressure flows to that side, moving the piston accordingly.
  • Because the piston is attached to the steering gears, the wheels are turned.
  • When the steering wheel is in a neutral position, everything equalizes, and the wheels return to their forward position.
What are all of the different components of the system?

The Honda Pilot power steering pumps and parts are complex in operation. At each point, components must match up just right in order for the movement of the driver to translate into the movement of the tires. The major components include the following:

  • Pump and steering belt
  • Pressure and return lines (also known as the high and low side hoses)
  • Power steering fluid
  • Steering gears (rack and pinion)
  • Steering damper and coupler
  • Power steering shaft
  • Power steering O-rings
  • Tie rod ends
When should you replace the Honda Pilot’s power steering pump?
  • Slow response: When you start your turn and notice that the wheels are a bit behind in their response, there could be a problem. Your power steering pump could be failing or there could be a leak in one of the hoses.
  • Stiff controls: In optimal conditions, everything is calibrated so that you can turn with ease. If you need to use more force than you're accustomed to using while steering, this is a sign that you need to check things out. It could be your power steering pump or another associated part.
  • Strange noises: If you hear a squealing noise when you start up your Honda Pilot, the power steering pump may be worn down or damaged. A damaged pump can often use the belt to slip, which causes that high-pitched noise. If you hear a whining noise while making a turn, you could have a leak or low fluid levels. If you hear load groaning noises coming from your power steering pump, your fluids could be dangerously low, or your system could be failing. It's definitely time to inspect your vehicle and power steering pump components.
Which manufacturers make replacement parts for the power steering pump?

When you have an issue with your Honda Pilot’s power steering, each part can generally be installed individually. You may be able to find power steering pump parts for your Honda Pilot made by the following companies:

  • Duralast
  • Atlantic Automotive
  • ACDelco
  • Hitachi