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Pound Puppies Stuffed Animals

One of the most popular toys of the 1980s, Pound Puppies from Tonka were plush, stuffed dog toys with drooping eyes and floppy ears. "Loveable Huggable" was the tagline for the toy release, which also included smaller versions and a line of Pound Pur-r-ries cat toys. They are still popular today with parents who owned them as kids and wish to pass along their love for the huggable dogs to their own children.

What was the original idea behind Pound Puppies?

The plush toys were first released in 1984 for children who wanted a pet to nurture and care for. This was helpful for parents who didn't want to adopt a live puppy along with all of the customary care and costs that come with them. The plush dogs were cuddly and adorable, so there was no house training required, and a special mock care guide came with each Pound Puppy. It was recommended to walk the puppies for exercise and to bathe them regularly (they were machine washable). The puppies even came with all the "shots" they needed to be healthy. For parents, it was an inexpensive compromise.

What are the educational benefits of Pound Puppies?

Aside from the encouragement to care for and nurture Pound Puppies like a real pet, the story of the puppies is one of friendship, compassion, and the bond between animals and their human friends. There's an assortment of breeds and colors, and in the animated movies and series of the same name, there are varying personalities of the different puppy characters. However, all of the puppies have one common goal — to find all of their fellow puppies and dogs loving homes like their own.

What Pound Puppies characters are available?

Many of the Pound Puppies characters were featured in the television series that ran from 1986 to 1989. These puppies include:

  • Lucky: As a scruffy mutt, he's the main protagonist of the Pound Puppies world. He's known for being a smart, well-adjusted pup who likes to hide his feelings.
  • Cookie: This street-wise boxer is Lucky's love interest. Despite the mutual affection between Cookie and Lucky, they always get interrupted before they can proclaim their love for each other.
  • Niblet: As a clumsy sheepdog, Niblet is often a source of comic relief. He is a well-meaning dog with a love for peanut butter.
  • Strudel: This German Dachshund is a genius inventor who creates many of the machines used by the Pound Puppies. While Strudel may be a small dog, he has a big ego and can often be arrogant.
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