Get Entertainment on the Go With a Portable Mini TV

When your show or game is just starting to get good, the last thing you want is to have your viewing interrupted. With a portable TV for the car or a mini television in the kitchen, office, or dorm, you and your family can avoid missing the critical plot twists or plays in those favorite media indulgences. These handy new miniature TVs let you get your errands and chores checked off your list while still having a bit of entertainment as your hard-earned reward.

What are the advantages of a mini LED projector?

If you want a portable entertainment option that doesnt need to be held by hand or mounted, a portable media projector may be just what you need. This option provides a viewing area big enough for multiple watchers to see comfortably from a distance while still easily traveling with you during vacations, business trips, or quick visits with your friends. Many models also come with built-in speakers and smart connectivity, so you have everything you need for big screen viewing in one small device.

When is a hand-held or mounted mini TV recommended?

While projectors offer a larger viewing space, they do require a flat surface that is preferably of a neutral color or screen and a minimum distance between the projector and that surface to achieve a desired display size and resolution. Meanwhile, a hand-held portable television provides consistent screen quality and color in all locations, which may be preferable for a single viewer or those with limited space. Portable mini TVs also require little or no setup time, while projectors must be aligned and focused after each move to improve image quality. You can find these mini TVs on eBay.

How do portable LED projectors receive media?

While you should always check each model individually to confirm connectivity options, these are the most common methods available:

  • Built-In Android OS: Some models come with an Android OS and native Wi-Fi connectivity that allow Android applications like YouTube and Google Play Store to connect to Wi-Fi. This means you can use many of the media streaming apps available on smartphones.
  • HDMI/VGA/USB: Allows wired connections to most electronic accessories, including laptops, DVD players, cameras, and USB drives.
  • AirPlay/Miracast/DLNA: Provides the ability to send media over Wi-Fi from external devices, such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets wirelessly.