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Portable Diesel Generators

A portable diesel generator functions as a backup source of power when there are power outages. The portable diesel generators are designed to use fuel and run it through a motor and convert it into electricity that is used for powering electrical devices. In an emergency situation, portable diesel generators may provide you with essential refrigeration, heat, water pumping, and other functions.

What features do portable generators that use diesel have?
  • Electric start: A generator with an electric start requires less physical effort to turn on the engine. The electric start units usually have a small built-in battery that provides the watts needed to get the motor going.
  • Diesel storage capacity: A portable generating system may have a fuel tank storage capacity that ranges from one to four gallons. They also have a gauge so you know how much of the fuel remains. Some have an audible alarm to alert you to the need for refueling.
  • Wheels and handle: To make the equipment portable, it has a built-in handle and two or more wheels that lock into place when the diesel generator is running.
How do you choose a diesel generator that is portable?
  • Choose the watts of output: Consider which appliances you want to have powered by the generator when evaluating the watts of output. Each appliance has its own wattage requirement. Add up the watts of the appliances you need to have powered to make sure the portable generator has the engine capacity you need.
  • Select a generator motor type: Generator engines come in single phase and three phase. The single phase may use more diesel to supply the watts you need. The three-phase engine may require more of your attention while the generator is in use.
  • Choose the diesel fuel run time: Consider the amount of time that you want the portable generator to provide power before you need to refill its reservoir with more fuel for the engine. Common run times are 12 to 48 hours.
Can you use a diesel generator during power outages?

Yes, you can use a diesel generator that is portable during a power outage. These generators could help to deliver the right amount of electricity to the essential systems and appliances in your home. A generator may be able to handle one or more major appliances as well as smaller electrical devices. The portable generator should be set up outside. When the power goes out, the generator has outlets that can be used to power your sump pump, refrigerator, freezer, or other critical appliances in your home.

It can function as a standby generator. Each generator has guidance on how to disconnect the appliance from your home's electrical system during a power outage and connect it to the portable generator with the transfer switch. Once electric power is restored to your home, the appliances should be safely disconnected from the diesel generator and properly reconnected to the electric system of your house.

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