Portable Car Heater

Keep Your Car Warm in the Winter With a Portable Car Heater

Sometimes you need to put a supplemental heater in your car to stay warm. Browse the collection of portable car heaters available on eBay to find one thats right for your vehicle.

Why should you get a portable car heater?

When your vehicles original heater isnt functioning properly, portable car heaters are an alternative source of heat that is similar to a space heater that you would use in your home. A portable car heater will help keep your car or other vehicle warm without taking up much room. When shopping for these portable car heaters on eBay, youll find that they are also very affordable.

What brands of portable car heaters are available?

Some of the brands of portable car heaters on eBay include:

  • Catinbow: This company makes a range of automotive accessories, including headlight bulbs, exhaust tips, and engine fuel injectors.
  • Aramox: This company makes many products that deal with measuring temperature, including thermometers for refrigerators and outdoor thermometers.
  • Dilwe: This brand makes boiled water immersion heaters in addition to electric car heaters.
What should you know about buying a portable car heater?

One of the biggest things to remember is that a portable car heater isnt exactly like your regular car heater. The 12V kind runs off your alternator, so you need to have an alternator that will be able to withstand the extra energy output. If you are concerned about this, using a battery-operated heater might be a better alternative. One of the advantages of a battery-operated car heater is that it will run even if your car wont start. This makes them a good source of heat in emergencies, such as if your battery dies, or if you are stuck in a ditch and dont want to run your car.