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Port-A-Cool Systems Keep Your Home Cool Without Central Air

If your home is without the benefit of a central air conditioner, you still have options. A portable evaporative cooler, like those made by Port-A-Cool, will keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures rise. You can find new and used portable air conditioners and coolers on eBay.

What types of coolers are offered by Port-A-Cool?

There are other ways to cool your home without a central air conditioner that focus on energy efficiency. For homes with one to two bedrooms, Port-A-Cool offers the following choices:

  • A mobile air conditioner: A portable air conditioner is a freestanding cooling system capable of moving from one area to another. It sits on the floor and has wheels so that you can move it to different rooms as needed. A portable air conditioner is an efficient alternative to window air conditioners.
  • An evaporative cooler: Evaporative cooling works by drawing the heated air through cellulose pads that are soaked in water. As the hot air passes through the pads, it evaporates and leaves nothing but cool air. A portable evaporative cooler fitted with rolling caster wheels can move from one area to another as long as the unit has access to an outlet for power. Unlike a central air conditioner, it does not require any ductwork or piping. These are available for home and industrial use.
How different is air conditioning from an evaporative cooler?

Air conditioners use a refrigerant and a condenser to cool the air, require a window for venting, and can only cool single rooms. An evaporative cooler has a pump and a water reservoir. For example, the Port-A-Cool Jetstream cools a much larger space, has a 50-gallon water capacity, and can attach to a garden hose for continuous water supply.

Would mobile air conditioning work in a three-bedroom house?

It really depends on the amount of space you need to cool. A movable air conditioning system will cool a space that is 500 square feet. A three-bedroom house or apartment could be approximately 900 to 1,200 square feet. It might do the job but not very efficiently, and it may only successfully cool one room at a time. An evaporative cooling system like the Port-A-Cool Jetstream or Port-A-Cool Cyclone, on the other hand, cools up to 2,100 square feet. Make your choice based on the SEER ratings for each product for the best savings and efficiency.

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