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Porsche License Plate Frames

Porsche makes luxury automobiles like the 911 and the Cayenne. Adding a license plate frame to your car lets you protect your license plate and show your interests. These frames come in designs that appeal to Porsche enthusiasts.

What comes with a license plate frame?

The frame has thin edges that wrap around the sides of your Porsche license plate with an open space in the center. When you put one on your license plate, the design lets each character on your plate shine through. In addition to the frame, the set you buy may come with other accessories, including:

  • Rubber buffers: Rubber buffers are small pieces made from rubber that keep the frame from rubbing against your Porsche. This prevents the frame from scratching or chipping your car's paint job.
  • Screws: The included mounting hardware is just the right size for mounting the license plate frame to the Porsche. These sink through the surface of the frame and into the appropriate holes on your car.
  • Screw caps: Your set may come with some caps, too. These caps often come in the same color as the frame. You'll use one on top of the mounting hardware to hide the bright silver color of the hardware.
What materials are Porsche license plate frames made from?

The materials that manufacturers use for Porsche license plate frames vary. Some use a type of plastic that is lightweight and works on most Porsche models. License plate frames also use different types of metal like aluminum and stainless steel. With metals, the manufacturers offer different colors like red and black. This lets you match the color of the frame to your paint job.

What is a badge or insert?

A badge is a type of decorative license plate that you can use inside the license plate frame. Unlike the license plates issued by the DMV that use letters and numbers, these plates are just decorative. Some call badges inserts because you insert one inside the frame. You'll find different designs including the Porsche symbol and fun phrases.

Where can you mount a license plate frame?

Most Porsche models have space for a license plate on both the front and the back. You can place your frame over an existing license plate or over a badge that you add. The included mounting hardware works on both the front and rear. Porsche lovers can also use these license plate frames as decorations in their homes or offices.

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