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Porcelain Dolls for Collectors and Children

What Are Some Porcelain Doll Features?

If you're not familiar with the world of porcelain dolls, you may wonder what makes certain dolls different or stand out from others as you browse eBay for just the right doll. It may not be just the way the doll looks aesthetically, but there are other features to keep in mind as well.

  • You may like the look of antique dolls. The term 'antique' refers by definition to something that is over 100 years old. These have their own very specific look, and they are also more rare and hard-to-find, making them a special collectible. 
  • Realistic dolls are a category of porcelain dolls that have lifelike features, glass eyes, and details that make them look real, like human hair or real eyelashes. Some may have moving, articulated parts as well. 
  • A handmade doll may indeed be one-of-a-kind, as there may not be any others like it. As such, they're considered customized dolls created by doll makers instead of simply mass-produced dolls that are not as hard to come by. These may be more suitable for true collectors, as they are worth more than dolls that aren't as hard to find. 

How Do You Select the Right Porcelain Doll?

For doll collectors, there are several factors, such as whether the doll is bisque, what the doll's outfit looks like and if it's original or comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Brand is also a factor. There are a few things to think about while you look for the most beautiful doll for your gift recipient or your personal collection.

  • Consider the gender of the doll. Porcelain dolls come in male and female designs, as well as various ages, such newborn babies, dolls that look like young women, or dolls that look like children. 
  • Think about the size of the china doll. There are porcelain dolls as small as 8 inches, and baby dolls as big as 18 inches, so size is a factor to consider when choosing one. 
  • Is brand a factor? Are you looking for a Kestner, a Barbie, an Ashton-Drake collectible? Some buyers want to add to an existing doll collection that consists of certain brands or favorite manufacturers. When you find that beautiful Knightsbridge Collection doll you know will thrill your best friend, then brand comes into play. 

What Does Bisque Mean?

As you peruse listings, you'll notice words like bisque porcelain, and you may wonder if this is any different from regular porcelain, and if so, how? You'll see the terms china doll and porcelain doll as well. What's the difference?

  • Bisque dolls consist of a porcelain called biscuit porcelain. They have a lifelike appearance and were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  • China dolls have a glossier finish because they are made of glazed porcelain, giving them a shinier appearance. 
  • It's usually acceptable to use the terms 'bisque' and 'porcelain' interchangeably, as they fall under the same category and are used as synonyms in the world of collecting.
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