Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Pontoon Deck Powerboat

A pontoon boat is a great choice for spending lazy days on the lake. Their unique deck design provides ample space for fishing or just lounging in the sun. Whether you are looking to head out to the lake for an afternoon of fishing or some fun family time on the water, here is everything you need to know about buying pontoon new and preowned boats for sale on eBay.

Tips for choosing the right pontoon boat for sale

The right pontoon boat for you will let you comfortably enjoy your time out on the water. Here are some things to look for when shopping for new or used pontoon boats for sale:

  • Purpose: Decide what you will mostly use the boat for and find a layout that works well for that. Some boats are set up with fishing rod holders, while others may have tow ropes for skiing.
  • Motor: Decide if you want to purchase a boat with a motor included. If you already have a motor at home, then you might want to use that on your new pontoon boat.
  • Trailer: When shopping on eBay for pontoon boats, check to see if they come with a trailer. Although not necessary if you are going to keep it in the water year-round, it can make transporting your new pontoon boat easier.
  • Towing: If you plan to tow your pontoon boat, how much towing capacity does your vehicle have? Make sure you buy a boat that is within those limits.
What sizes, colors, and options are available?

Pontoon boats for sale come in sizes ranging from 14 feet all the way up to a 29-foot long Playcraft 2900 Xtreme. See the manufacturer site for details.

You have a wide variety of color choices when searching eBay for pontoon boats. Darker colors like blues, greens, burgundy, and browns are commonly found, accenting white and tan bases. Some boats feature eye-catching colors like bright red.

Seating can also vary widely. You can find a mix of sofas, cushioned chairs, and flip-down seats on a pontoon. Make sure you have enough seating for the number of people you will regularly be carrying.

Many pontoon boats have fun play features, too. Some have a second sundeck level that may even have an attached slide. If you are mostly going to be using your boat for lounging and relaxing, then you might want to consider shopping for a pontoon boat for sale with these features.

What about shopping for used pontoon boats?

Buying a used pontoon boat can be a good choice for several reasons. Many pontoon boats are used only occasionally and for recreational purposes. Since many are used in lakes and ponds, the fresh water is easy on their components. They are generally lower in price than new models. This is especially true if you are looking at used pontoon boats for sale by owner.

Buying a used pontoon boat for sale may allow you to size up to a larger model or get some features that would put a new one out of range for your budget.