Enjoy Casual Yet Refined Style Wearing Polo T-Shirts for Men

Polo T-shirts for men are often part of a sports uniform for gentlemen's games, but you can also wear them as part of a casual outfit that gives you the refined look of a collared shirt along with the relaxed fit of an everyday garment. You will find a wide selection of affordable polo T-shirts for men that you can choose from on eBay. Understanding a bit about the design elements you can choose here will help you find the right tops for you.

Finding patterns for your men's polo T-shirts

Classic polo shirts for men come in a range of patterns you can choose from on eBay. You may wish to peruse the listings and purchase several shirts in various patterns to update your wardrobe and mix or match outfits at your leisure. You can also use the patterns to select a casual shirt that you can use as part of a team uniform if necessary. In addition to the standard solid colors or stripes you can get as part of your T-shirt design, you can also find patterns such as floral prints, animal outlines, or geometric shapes for these inexpensive garments on eBay.

Choosing the right fit for your men's polo

These shirts for men come in a range of sizes to suit your needs, but you can also choose a type of fit that is comfortable for you. All sizes for these casual or semi-formal shirts are listed in UK dimensions. See the manufacturer site for details. Here are a few of the main types of fits you can choose for your garment:

  • Regular: This fit is meant to conform to your body once you choose the size that is appropriate for your needs. It should drape over you without being too restrictive.
  • Athletic: If you like to wear a polo shirt for working out or other athletic activities, this kind of fit may conform tightly to your body to cut down on resistance. A model with a short sleeve may serve you well for vigorous exercise.
  • Relaxed: This kind of top will fit your body but hang loosely for a more casual option.
How do you choose the materials for your polo?

You can get new and vintage shirts for men on eBay in a couple of main materials:

  • Cotton: For a lightweight and breathable garment, you may want to go with a shirt in 100% or blended cotton.
  • Polyester: If you need a polo that is stretchy and resistant to tearing, a men's shirt in polyester might be a good choice.