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Choosing Polo Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeve T-Shirts for Men

Polo may be well-known for its line of collared shirts, but this company also makes a wealth of long-sleeved T-shirts for men. These shirts are well-suited to chilly evenings or even just relaxing at home. Here's how to choose yours on eBay.

What affordable Polo Ralph Lauren long-sleeved T-shirt styles are available?

Ralph Lauren offers several different styles of affordable long-sleeved shirts. Here are some of the styles commonly seen on eBay:

  • Cotton T-shirts: This basic style has come to be a comfortable classic. This crew neck shirt typically has an embroidered Polo logo.
  • Hoodie T-shirts: These shirts are lightweight like most T-shirts, but they have an included hood and drawstrings.
  • Thermal shirts: These waffle-cotton shirts are designed to insulate more than regular cotton. They are ideal for layering in colder weather or for wearing on their own.

Different patterns to choose from

The style of a polo is important, but so is the pattern or color. Luckily, these shirts come in an impressive array of colors, patterns, and designs. Here are some of the ones you can find on eBay:

  • Solid colors: This classic Polo design features a bright, solid color with a small embroidered Polo logo in a contrasting color.
  • Stripes: Striped Polo shirts usually come in muted, classic colors like white or navy.
  • Lettered front: This design is usually seen in hooded T-shirts. Many of these have the word Polo across the front in a bright, eye-catching font.
  • Central design: Some unique Polo T-shirts feature a circle on the front. This circle usually encases a vintage design.
  • Floral and other prints: While they are less common, Polo also does make floral-patterned T-shirts.

When should you choose used Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirts?

In many cases, the Polo long-sleeved T-shirts you see on eBay will be sold new. However, especially in the case of vintage designs, you may also see used Polo Ralph Lauren long-sleeve T-shirts for men. Provided a used shirt is in good condition, purchasing one may be a good way to find a truly unique piece of clothing.

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