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Useful Information About Polk Audio Outdoor Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Polk Audio, known for its numerous household speaker systems and subwoofers, also offers a line of outdoor speakers with models like the Atrium. If you're looking to have music playing on the patio during a cookout or just generally enjoy playing music in outdoor settings, these Polk Audio products might make an ideal addition to your outdoor entertainment setup.

What are some key features of Polk Audio outdoor speakers?

There are many components of Polk Audio models like the Atrium that allow the speakers to produce high-quality output and dynamic balance. These features include:

  • Polymer composite subwoofers
  • Speed-lock mounting systems for easy installation
  • 80 watts RMS power
  • Stainless-steel construction for weather resistance
What settings are Polk Audio speakers most effective in?

There are a number of Polk Audio speakers designed for different types of weather. A Polk Audio unit like the S20 or Sat30 is small enough to handle above-average heat or near-freezing temperatures without delivering a loud, subwoofer-like presence. Subwoofer models like the 8SDI provide the loudness needed to add excitement to a lively and crowded event.

How are outdoor speakers different from indoor speakers?

Indoor speakers are meant to fit compact environments like home theaters or living rooms where there is a sound barrier to bounce the sound around the room. With outdoor speakers, the acoustics have to be delivered in a different matter to make up for the lack of an enclosed space. Polk outdoor speakers are built to support the difference in sound quality. They are also weather-resistant.

What external features keep Polk subwoofers safe from outside weather?

There are a number of factors that go into making sure that a product like the Polk Audio Atrium can stay outside without weather like rain or wind negatively affecting the subwoofer. When connecting cables, keep them protected so that the signal going into it isn't experiencing distortion or potentially short-circuiting. Polk's subwoofers come with a resin enclosure that protects the cables, making them water-resistant.

The company offers its own line of power amps with control knobs that make it easier to control the equalizer settings on a subwoofer. By adding a power amp, the subwoofer's sound capabilities become more versatile.

What are the physical attributes of the Polk Audio Atrium?

Lightweight for the average speaker, the Polk Audio Atrium comes in at 5.4 pounds. Included with it is a handle on the back of the speaker that makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

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