Upgrade Sounds From Music and Movies With Polk Lsim Speakers

When music or movie sounds need an audio boost, you can take every audio effect to the next level by wiring Polk Lsim speakers to your sound system. These Polk speakers are manufactured in many convenient configurations, allowing you to set up an audio system for action movies, music concerts, and more. You'll find new and preowned Polk Lsim speakers in a variety of colors and trims on eBay.

What are the configuration options for Polk Lsim speakers?

The speaker configuration can dramatically impact a listening experience because the layout determines where sounds will travel throughout a space. Polk Lsim speakers are manufactured in a:

  • Single-speaker configuration: A single-speaker setup will produce direct sounds in a space. In order to experience stereo sound, you'll need to wire two of these speakers to a sound system.
  • 2.0 sound configuration: Polk 2.0 sound systems include two stereo speakers that are powered by an amplifier or receiver. Some 2.0 hardware by Polk will have hardware that bypasses the need for traditional equipment because the hardware will produce sounds using wireless components.
What are the Polk Lsim speaker types?

Polk speakers are built in many different ways, and each design type provides benefits in certain locations. The main Lsim design types include the following options:

  • Bookshelf: A bookshelf unit has a shape that fits nicely on a basic shelf or a table. You can put this speaker on any elevated surface because its enclosure is specifically designed to enhance sounds above the ground in traditional spaces.
  • Center channel: This Polk speaker option is commonly used with various surround-sound formats. It has a long base that contains two or three speaker channels.
  • Floor-standing tower: Floor-standing speakers can have up to four individual speaker channels. You can position two floor-standing speakers next to a television without creating clutter since they're tall and slender.
What are the design options for Polk speakers?

Many Polk Lsim speakers have designer housing that's black, red, or brown. The brown finishes are made of wood, and the wooden trim always surrounds the main speaker hardware. Other design features include:

  • Magnetic grilles
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Felt pads
What are the audio-input options for Polk speakers?

Audio-input ports connect Polk Lsim speakers to home-audio gadgets. On eBay, you'll find affordable Lsim speakers that have:

  • Banana jacks: A banana jack is a connector that has one wire. This electrical piece connects compatible wiring to home-audio equipment.
  • Raw cable jacks: A raw cable-jack port connects an audio cable to the speaker. Polk Lsim speakers have a ┬╝-inch raw audio-cable jack.
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