Police, Security & Fire Turnout Gear

Other Police, Security, and Fire Turnout Gear

Protective, safety, and law enforcement accessories and supplies are used by certain types of personnel when out in the field, such as those performing police, security, or fire services. Certain types of products can also be used by the public.

What is police, security, and fire turnout gear?

Law-enforcement risk management includes the use of protective safety and tactical equipment and accessories. The police, fire, and other protective and law-enforcement services have their own sets of required supplies for work. Daily, routine safety and community patrols have a standard for personal protective products. There are also gear types that are used in specialized situations, like an emergency or tactical response due to a fire or safety issue.

What are the different types of gear in this category?

Police, fire, and other safety personnel often have specialized needs for their particular lines of work. These include personal-protective-equipment (PPE) electronic devices and mechanical gadgets. Even accessories such as a flashlight, holster, handcuffs, and gloves have to conform to work-related standards. Below are several examples of clothing and supplies utilized by police and other law enforcement and safety personnel.

  • Police - There are different types of clothing and police equipment used by the force while on duty. Some of the standard police tactical clothing includes body armor, concealed vests, holsters, gloves, and heavy-duty boots. Police equipment such as flashlights and handcuffs are also used for tactical purposes and should pass MIL grade levels. Eyewear used on duty should meet ANSI-grade optical standards for police equipment.
  • Security - Due to the nature of their job in the private sector, these personnel use risk-deterrent equipment and accessories, including stun guns and pepper sprays. They also use heavy-duty tactical flashlights both for lighting purposes and as an immediate protective weapon. Communications gadgets include handheld radios for coordinating with other personnel in the field.
  • Fire - Protective fire clothing includes turnout coats and pants that are equipped with thermal liners and fire-retardant properties. Other accessories include heavy-duty flashlights and radios for communication.
Are there any certifications for these types of protective clothing?

Certification standards depend on the type of safety and tactical essentials for police and safety personnel. For fire-turnout clothing and devices, the products should typically adhere to the standards and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA standard indicates compliance with design, performance, and other criteria. NIST standards also apply to certain types of safety and security tech products used in this sector.