All About the Polaroid Land Camera

The Polaroid Land Camera is a compact device that prints instant pictures with one click of a button and is small enough to fit in a bag, purse, or around your neck. Capture your next adventure with these stylish cameras that echo the days of old. Once you take a photo, enjoy the pleasure of printing your memory forever on durable film that develops within minutes.

What Polaroid Land Camera types are available on eBay?

Whether you are looking for vintage décor, or you want to capture a moment in time, eBay offers a variety of affordable Polaroid Land Cameras that will fit your needs. The options include:

  • Polaroid Land Camera OneStep SX-70: A retro version of the Polaroid Land Camera models, this option can have a Q-flash attached to the top and requires SX-70 film.
  • Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 Land Camera
  • Polaroid One Step 600 Land Camera: This version include a flash bar, easy access film loading chamber, and a strap to wrap around your neck or wrist in case you drop the camera.
  • Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Models 80, 95, 95A, 95B, 104, 150, 230, 250, 350, and 800: These are all forms of vintage automatic Polaroid cameras. Some of the cameras come with the original box and case.
How do you use a Polaroid Land Camera?

Unwrap the film from its packaging, being very careful to handle it with care. Pull the switch on the side of your Polaroid camera, next to the shutter button, which will open a flap where the film slot is. Insert the film. You should hear a clicking noise that ensures the film has been loaded properly. Shut the film slot flap. The camera should automatically spit out the dark protective film from the top of your film cartridge, which you can dispose of. You are ready to begin taking pictures.

To take a picture, look into the focus window, and press the shutter button on the side of the camera. Your picture should print within seconds. Immediately place the film face down and wait for exposure. This should only take a minute or two.

Are vintage Polaroids costly?

The price range varies from each vintage Polaroid based on the age and condition of the camera, as well as whether or not the item includes a carrying case and film. You can expect to pay a few dollars for basic vintage cameras or up to thousands of dollars for fancy prototypes.

Does the Polaroid Land Camera from eBay include film?

It depends. For the most part, older vintage Polaroids will not include film. Some of the Polaroids, such as the Polaroid Land Camera SX-70, do include film, though, as well as the camera's carrying bag and strap. If the camera does not come with film, remember to pay attention to which kind of film your specific model requires, because not all Polaroid film type is compatible with every Polaroid Land camera.

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