Polaris makes ATVs and UTVs with a sense of adventure in the wilderness in mind. With the wide variety of both all-terrain and utility vehicles that Polaris offers, there are many to meet your needs. Whether its cruising along country roads or heading off the road into uncharted territory, Polaris has plenty of options for you to pick from.

What is a UTV?

A UTV is usually designed to seat between two and six people, and comes with off-road four-wheel drive. They typically come equipped with rollover protection and seat belts, as well as foot pedals and a steering wheel for control. They are generally designed for more utility use than a recreational use, with higher cargo capacities then most recreational vehicles. There are, however, certain designs of UTV that are geared toward a more recreational style of use.

What are the differences between UTVs and ATVs?

While UTVs and ATVs are somewhat similar in design and uses, there are some differences that are important to remember. Depending on what you want your particular experience to be like will determine which model you want to get.

  • All-terrain vehicle - ATVs are widely used in recreational activities because of their frames and powerful off-road four-wheel drive capabilities. They often have a limited amount of cargo carrying capacity, and the way that their frames are constructed raises up most of the body above the tires in order to allow for better clearance over minor obstacles such as hills and rocks.
  • Utility-task vehicle - Similarly to ATVs, they have four-wheel drive designed to handle tough terrain and off-roading situations. However, these have greater cargo carrying capacities, due to the fact that they are generally geared towards more utility-type tasks that would be made easier by increasing the cargo capacity. The main body is also lower to the ground, which makes the center of gravity stay closer to the ground while driving for stability while off-roading and cornering. Coupled with the extra seats, rollover protection, and more convenient driving controls, these vehicles are commonly used for recreational use because of their safety and other useful features.
What is the Polaris Sportsman ATV?

A Sportsman ATV from Polaris can be used in a huge variety of situations, ranging from a day trip on gentle terrain to full-on adventures on the roughest of mountain or forest trails. With a number of safety features, Polaris ATVs are designed to help keep you safe, while still providing you with access to thrilling adventures.

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